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Weather Technology Falters Amid Communication Breakdown

Springtime is severe weather time in many parts of the United States. Strong storms and tornadoes can be a daily occurrence. Technology has improved to warn people days in advance, but effectively communicating severe weather remains elusive.

Can Planting More Milkweed Save Monarch Butterflies? It's Complicated

Conservationists have long blamed farmers' use of pesticides for decimating the milkweed that monarch caterpillars like to eat. But scientists say simply planting more milkweed isn't the answer.

Pros And Cons Of Proposed Maine Woods National Park

A plan to establish a national park in Maine's North Woods could receive a boost from the White House by the end of the year. A long simmering battle has been brewing over the area's future.

Prescribed Burns Help Rebirth Sequoias After 2015 Wildfire

The giant sequoias of California are experiencing a rebirth. A massive wildfire in 2015 threatened numerous sequoia groves. The charred ground is coming back to life, in part, because of the fire.

Turns Out You Do Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blew

Rwanda is missing 15 years of weather data. Getting it back would be a boon for farmers. But can it be done?
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Environmental Outlook: New Reasons To Get Kids Outdoors (Rebroadcast)

For this month's Environmental Outlook, new reasons to get kids outdoors and what it means for protecting the environment.


Protests, Suspicion In Vietnam Over Government's Response To Fish Kill

While visiting Vietnam last week, President Obama urged the government to ease its crackdown on dissent. But police have used force to break up recent environmental protests.

Danger Below? New Properties Hide Abandoned Oil And Gas Wells

Around the country, houses, schools and shopping centers are being built on old oil and gas fields — and hidden underground are millions of abandoned wells that are not monitored for leaks.

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz Says Government Can Help Clean Energy Innovation

As he prepares for a conference on implementing clean energy to combat climate change, energy secretary Ernest Moniz says he's confident the Obama administration's commitments will remain in place.

Wrecked By Superstorm Sandy, Conservationists Work To Restore Migratory Birds' Refuge

The migratory birds of the East Coast are about to get back a piece of habitat they lost to Hurricane Sandy — a freshwater pond in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in New York City.