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Washington State's 'Slide Hill' Has A History Of Landslides

Robert Siegel speaks with Seattle Times reporter Ken Armstrong about the instability of the land in Snohomish County in Washington that was affected by the massive mudslide.
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Environmentalists Say Virginia Paper Company's Toilet Paper May Still Stink

Activists with the World Wild Life Fund says Mercury Paper hasn't offered evidence yet that they have followed through on their promises to clean up their environmental act.


Toxic Chemical Dioxane Detected In More Water Supplies

West Virginia's drinking water crisis earlier this year highlighted an unsettling truth about tap water: Treatment plants test for only a fraction of the chemicals in use.

Truckin': Salmon Take A Long, Strange Trip To The Pacific Ocean

California's severe drought has left rivers so dry that young salmon can't make their usual migration. To save the fish and the industry, the state is giving millions of salmon a lift.

In Ranchers Vs. Weeds, Climate Change Gives Weeds An Edge

Invasive weeds are already a big headache for ranchers, who spend thousands of dollars to get rid of them. New research shows that a changing climate is likely to help many of these weeds thrive.

After Oil Spill, Ships Start Moving — But Cleanup Has Just Begun

After a vast oil spill in the waters off Houston, authorities are reopening the shipping channel, hoping to ease the wait on those using it. Dave Fehling of Houston Public Media explains the cleanup.

Pollution From Home Stoves Kills Millions Of People Worldwide

Air pollution causes 1 in 8 deaths worldwide, with half of the deaths caused by fumes from home stoves. Fixing the problem isn't as simple as providing more efficient stoves. Habits must change, too.

Food Giants Want 'Sustainable' Beef. But What Does That Mean?

McDonald's says it will start to buy beef that's "verified sustainable" in 2016. But defining sustainable beef production is tricky because the environmental issues involved are so complex.

Carp(e) Diem: Kentucky Sends Invasive Fish To China

Asian carp are not just a problem for the Great Lakes region. Fish processors in Kentucky are finding novel ways to dispose of them — including sending them to China, where they are prized as food.

Oil Spill Disrupts A Waterway Thick With Barges And Birds

Thousands of gallons of fuel oil spilled from a barge in Galveston Bay, Texas, over the weekend. The spill disrupted shipping and threatens wildlife in the area, and the containment effort has begun.