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Tournament Targets Invasive Snakehead Fish

Fishermen in Maryland are dealing with the invasive snakehead fish the only way they know how — organizing a competition to see who can catch the most and then cooking the lot of them.


Forget Big-Box Stores. How About A Big-Box House?

Using recycled materials is increasingly common in building construction. But some architects are taking the green movement a step further, creating entire homes and businesses from discarded shipping containers. They call it cargotecture.
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Spring Bird Watching With Kenn Kaufman

Every spring, millions of small birds pass through our region on a migratory path from Central and South America to summer homes as far away as Alaska.

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Bay Foundation Advises On Unhealthy Waters

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is reminding beach visitors to be mindful of unhealthy water in the Bay and other waterways.

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Seagrasses Declining In Local Waters

Water quality and high temperatures are causing seagrasses to decline in coastal bays on the Eastern Shore.

Soft-Shell Lobsters So Soon? It's A Mystery In Maine

Maine lobstermen are hauling in an unexpected catch: soft-shell lobsters, about a month ahead of schedule. Biologists aren't sure why, but lobster-lovers are are glad for the harvest — and know just what to do with it.

Stand Back When Snapping Turtles Crop Up In The Garden

Snapping turtles look to suburban New England gardens to lay eggs as their habitats are increasingly threatened. So the next time you're checking the progress of the peas and lettuce this spring, beware.

National Geography Bee: Test Your World Knowledge

Do you know your tundra from your taiga? The final round of the 2012 National Geographic Bee is being held Thursday, with students between the fourth and eighth grades testing their knowledge of countries, canals and lava lakes. See how you would have done in the preliminary rounds.
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Commentary: D.C. Shouldn't Shoulder The Burden Of Cleaner Water Alone

DC Water is launching a massive project to help clean it up the sewage overflows into area waterways, but commentator Carol O'Cleireacain, the author of a new Brookings Institution report about the issue, says costs should be shared regionally.