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Environmental Outlook: The Growing Demand For Air Conditioning

In this month's environmental outlook, as worldwide demand for air conditioning is growing, so is concern over how increased use will contribute to global warming. The search for a cleaner way to cool.


The Pick Of The Litter In Taos, N.M.

Bruce Boyd spends some of his free time cleaning up beer bottles, cans and an endless variety of trash alongside Highway 522 north of Taos.

Every Day Is Earth Day In Seattle, Wash.

Earthcorps members from more than 60 countries work daily to restore and invigorate the Puget Sound bio-network.
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Expert Gardeners Work To Make Plants Thrive In Summer Heat

The pros at the U.S. Botanic Garden take us inside their efforts to keep plants resilient in this summer's blistering heat.


How Climate Change Is Changing The Oyster Business

Oyster farmers have developed coping strategies for the higher levels of carbon dioxide that make it hard to grow oysters off the West Coast. But some scientists warn that the problem is only going to get worse.

America's 'Most Polluted' Lake Finally Comes Clean

A one-two punch of municipal waste and industrial dumping gave Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, N.Y., the reputation as one of the most polluted lakes in America. But after years of cleanup efforts, the lake has undergone a transformation, and now the final phase of its cleanup is set to begin.

Thank The Simple Wasp For That Complex Glass Of Wine

Don't swat away that buzzing wasp. It may help spread the yeast that starts the fermentation process in grapes while they're still on the vine. The yeast carried by the wasp give wine its complexity, scientists say.
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Virginia Landfills Not A Threat To Drinking Water, DEQ Says

Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality is downplaying concerns that the commonwealth's landfills represent a threat to drinking water, citing siting and safety requirements.