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Interactive: Mapping The U.S. Drought

More than half the country is experiencing drought conditions, some of them severe. Use this interactive map to see how the drought has covered the country — and how the conditions today compare to the past.

Can Adding Iron To Oceans Slow Global Warming?

The process can cause blooms of algae that have the potential to soak up huge amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A new study says this algae then drops to the sea floor, but some researchers caution that it's hard to track what happens to carbon in the ocean, and so-called "seeding" could have negative side effects.

Drought In Danger Of Beaching Mississippi Barges

The drought that's impacting much the country is drying up crops and now rivers. The Mississippi River is experiencing water levels low enough to affect barge traffic. Barge companies are lightening loads, meaning more boats are needed for the same amount of cargo. Robert Siegel speaks with Mark Mestemacher, co-owner of Ceres Barge Line in St. Louis.