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Journey To The Sundarbans: The 'Beautiful Forest' Of Mangroves

Sundarbans literally means "beautiful forest," but as the novelist Amitav Ghosh writes, "There is no prettiness here to invite the stranger in."

Texas Oil Company Faces Criminal Charges Over Southern California Spill

The oil company responsible for a large spill along the Southern California coast a year ago has been indicted by a state grand jury on criminal charges stemming from the disaster.

Pipeline Company Indicted Over 2015 California Oil Spill

Plains All American Pipeline company is facing 46 criminal counts after one of its pipelines ruptured last year, spilling crude oil that fouled miles of coastline near Santa Barbara.
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Your Brand (Here): Sponsoring Our National Parks

Kojo explores a controversial plan by the National Park Service to raise money by soliciting more corporate sponsorships for national parks and landmarks.


Rising Sea Levels Made This Republican Mayor A Climate Change Believer

Already, neighborhoods flood more often in Coral Gables, Fla., and water has seeped up from beneath low-lying buildings and yards. Mayor James Cason wants his city prepared for the economic fallout.

PHOTOS: Protesters Around The World Target Fossil Fuel Industry

For two weeks, protesters have gathered — on kayaks, on train tracks, at mines and at refineries — to demonstrate against coal, oil and other energy sources that contribute to global warming.

California Agencies Send Mixed Signals On Drought Conditions

The metropolitan water district of southern California says it will ease up on some water restrictions, but the state is doubling down on others. KPCC reporter Sanden Totten explains.

Amid India's Drought Crisis, Suicides Increase Among Farmers Deep In Debt

In the parched fields of India's central states, the district of Beed in Maharashtra has been buffeted by a multi-year cycle of drought. One widow tells her story of coping with drought and loss.

Urban Foraging: Unearthing The Wildcrafted Flavors Of Los Angeles

For Pascal Baudar, LA is a treasure trove of edible plants and insects that he uses in unusual culinary creations. He helps some of the city's top chefs put wild foods on menus and has a new cookbook.

New Photos Show The Rapid Pace Of Great Barrier Reef Bleaching

Over six months, healthy coral is bleached and then covered with algae. Scientists say bleaching has hit 93 percent of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia's "biggest ever environmental disaster."