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The Environmental Outlook: Celebrating And Understanding Our Urban Forests

Author Jill Jonnes says the modern American city is a great place to look at and learn about trees. Yet most of us know little about their natural history or what they mean for our urban spaces.


European Parliament Approves Paris Climate Agreement

Nearly 200 nations agreed last December to the most ambitious deal to slow climate change ever. It looks very likely that the requisite number of countries will actually ratify the deal this week to make it official. That will set in motion the difficult process of making sure both rich and poor countries deliver on their promises to cut emissions of greenhouse gases.

With EU Vote, Paris Climate Agreement Is Poised To Become Binding

The European vote to ratify it effectively ends debate over the climate deal. Once the EU turns over paperwork to the U.N. later this week, the plan will officially come into force.

'The Situation ... Is Truly Catastrophic'; Hurricane Matthew Slams Into Haiti

The Category 4 storm dumped rain on southwestern Haiti on Tuesday morning and lashed the island with maximum sustained winds of up to 145 mph. The hurricane is continuing north toward Cuba.

Bees Added To U.S. Endangered Species List For 1st Time

Seven species of the yellow-faced bee, which is the only bee native to Hawaii, have been designated as endangered. They're known for their yellow-to-white facial markings.

A Revolution That Didn't Happen: Personal Rapid Transit

In 1975, the Personal Rapid Transit in Morgantown, W.Va., was expected to usher in a new age of public transit nationally. It didn't. Still, the aging system is getting a $100-million upgrade.

Caribbean Nations Brace For Hurricane Matthew's Lash

Authorities warn of "life threatening" wind and flooding in Haiti and have issued warnings for parts of Cuba, Haiti and Jamaica. The U.S. Navy evacuated families from its base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

India Ratifies Paris Climate Change Agreement

Sixty-two countries have now joined the plan. Together, they account for about 52 percent of global emissions, which is a little short of the 55 percent threshold to make the agreement binding.

After Record Heat, California Fires Burn Into The Fall

A wildfire near San Jose, Calif. has destroyed a dozen homes, and threatens more than 150 structures. Meanwhile, the massive Soberanes fire is still burning two months after it began.

Sweden Proposes Tax Breaks For Repairs

The proposed legislation would provide tax breaks that encourage people to get things repaired rather than throw them away. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Finance and Consumption Minister Per Boland.