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In Midst Of Drought, Why Not Harvest Water From The Air?

All Tech Considered explores some experimental and lesser-used technologies for harvesting and disinfecting water.
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Harvest Limit On Chesapeake Menhaden Loosened, But Is It Enough?

Harvest limits on menhaden for commercial fishermen are being loosened in the Chesapeake Bay, even as the Coastal Conservation Commission agreed to start considering the impact on wildlife in future harvest limits.


Two Guys In Paris Aim To Charm The World Into Climate Action

It's a nightmarish job: No exercise or fresh air and little food and sleep for days at a time, all in an effort to persuade 200 countries to save Earth's climate and the planet. Can they do it?
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Almost Wiped Out, A Fish Makes A Comeback In The Potomac

A fish that had nearly disappeared from the Potomac River just a few decades ago has made a sustained and measurable comeback: the American Shad.

Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach Milestone

NPR's Melissa Block speaks with Pieter Tans of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Earth System Research Laboratory about greenhouse gas emissions surpassing 400 parts per million.

Landmark Conservation Deal Offers A First Glimpse Of New Wilderness

Once closed to the public, adventure seekers can now explore a wild stretch of New York state's Hudson and Opalescent Rivers.

A Fish With Cancer Raises Questions About Health Of Susquehanna River

The smallmouth bass with a malignant tumor was caught late last year near Duncannon, Pa. Officials say it's the first time such a tumor has been found in the state on that type of fish.


California Prepares For Difficult Fire Season Amid Drought

Firefighters in California depend on water from lakes and reservoirs to help fight wildfires. But water levels have fallen because of the ongoing drought, and some water sources may be too low to use.

Colorado Water Plan Aims To Head Off Predicted Shortages Down The Road

Officials are drafting a statewide water plan. It's an attempt to address the water needs of a rapidly growing population and a diminishing water supply due to drought and other conditions.

California Races To Protect Its Forests As Fire Season Begins

This week marks the official start to California's fire season. The state's ongoing drought is stressing its forests and trees, making them even more vulnerable.