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Perdue Victorious In Eastern Shore Pollution Case

A judge sided with Perdue in a controversial case where environmentalists tried to pin run-off from chicken waste on the poultry supplier.

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Scientists, Farmers Continue Battle Against Stinkbugs

Only 18 months ago, the Washington region was inundated with stinkbugs. We check back in to see what problems these invasive insects are causing today, and what the latest research is showing in terms of how to fight them.

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Virginia's Renewable Energy Policy Under Review

Both Virginia's largest utility and environmental groups agree that current policy on renewable energy in the commonwealth is inadequate. Where they diverge is on the proposed fixes.


Photo Project Tracks Climate Change On Everest

Filmmaker David Breashears has summited the world's highest peak five times. His latest project matches old photos of Mount Everest and its glaciers with new images to demonstrate how climate change is affecting the mountain. Melissa Block talks with Breashears about the GlacierWorks project.

EPA Targets Deadliest Pollution: Soot

The Environmental Protection Agency is tightening the standard for how much soot in the air is safe to breathe. Fine particles come from the combustion of fossil fuels by cars and industrial facilities. They're linked to all kinds of health problems, including heart attacks and lung ailments like asthma. States will be required to clean up their air to the level specified by the new standard.
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Wind Farm Developers More Mindful Of Whales

Groups developing offshore wind farms along the east coast are tweaking their building plans to protect whales.


Your Kitchen Trash Reborn As Abstract Art

Empty, forgotten, forlorn — the curbside recycling bin can seem like a sort of existential low point for all those soda bottles, tin cans, egg cartons and other containers whose contents we consume. But then – voila! Sorted for recycling, they become a thing of beauty.