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Md. Elk Tourism Would Raise $4.5 Million Annually, Advocates Say

A new proposal to reintroduce the once-native elk to western Maryland says tourism would generate nearly $4.5 million every year.

Extreme Weather Was Front And Center In 2012

Between severe droughts, relentless wildfires, and destructive hurricanes, extreme weather played a major role in the headlines in 2012. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin is joined by science journalist Michael Lemonick for a recap of this year's notable weather events, and how they're effecting public opinion on climate change.

An Urban Tree Farm Grows In Detroit

How does a post-industrial city manage property that no longer generates tax revenue but still needs the grass cut? One entrepreneur says he has a solution: He's buying up 1,500 empty city lots and planting thousands of trees. But where backers see a visionary proposal, critics see a land grab.

Birding for the Holidays

The Audubon's 113th Christmas Bird Count is underway, and thousands of volunteers are taking part this year. Ornithologist David Bonter, and Gary Langham, Audubon's chief scientist, share tips on which species to look out for, and how even birding beginners can get involved.

Drought, Economics And Your Holiday Feast

The Great Drought of 2012 dominated headlines this summer, but so far, it has not had a major impact on the prices of food on your holiday table, except the dairy products. That prime rib is more expensive for other reasons.
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The Small, But Mighty Menhaden

Menhaden, or pogy, is a fairly small fish that's been getting a lot of attention. We talk about new catch quotas and the menhaden's place in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.

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Perdue Victorious In Eastern Shore Pollution Case

A judge sided with Perdue in a controversial case where environmentalists tried to pin run-off from chicken waste on the poultry supplier.

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Scientists, Farmers Continue Battle Against Stinkbugs

Only 18 months ago, the Washington region was inundated with stinkbugs. We check back in to see what problems these invasive insects are causing today, and what the latest research is showing in terms of how to fight them.

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Virginia's Renewable Energy Policy Under Review

Both Virginia's largest utility and environmental groups agree that current policy on renewable energy in the commonwealth is inadequate. Where they diverge is on the proposed fixes.