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Bird, Plane, Bacteria? Microbes Thrive In Storm Clouds

Microbes can thrive in extreme environments, from inside fiery volcanoes to down on the bottom of the ocean. Now scientists have found a surprising number of them living in storm clouds tens of thousands of feet above the Earth. And those airborne microbes could play a role in global climate.

On Climate Change, Americans May Trust Politics Above Preachers

Members of religious groups who have long looked to President Obama for action on climate change may have been encouraged by his inaugural call for tackling the issue. But if studies are correct, most religious Americans take their cue on this issue from political — not religious — beliefs.

The Silver Lining In Drought: 5 Upsides To Rain-Free Weather

Drought is mostly seen as a bad thing — and for good reason. But the upsides include fewer mosquitoes, less polluted runoff and greater awareness of climate change.
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D.C. Buildings Go Green On Their Roofs

Green buildings are becoming more and more common in Washington, D.C., and so are green roofs.


Focus On Fracking Diverts Attention From Horizontal Drilling

Hydraulic fracturing gets the spotlight, but without another technology — horizontal drilling — natural gas drilling booms across the country would not be happening now.

Months After Sandy, Mucking And Gutting

On a recent day in the Rockaways, a neighborhood in Queens, N.Y., hazmat-suited volunteers far outnumber anyone else on the streets. They are "mucking and gutting" — stripping homes to the studs to remove mold. Many residents are concerned about the health effects of mold exposure, according to community organizer Peter Corless. Mycologist Joan Bennett has been sampling fungi in homes damaged by Sandy to determine which species are present.