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U.S. Army Corps Proposes Plan To Restore Bay Oysters

A new plan could soon be underway to restore the native oyster to the Chesapeake Bay.


Pig Manure Reveals More Reason To Worry About Antibiotics

Manure from pig farms doesn't just contain residues of antibiotics used in livestock. It also carries high concentrations of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a new study of Chinese pig farms finds. And researchers say "it's a global problem."

U.S. Natural Gas Exports Stir Debate

There are several dimensions to the booming energy market. Steve Inskeep talks to Sarah Ladislaw, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, about energy market trends.
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Walmart Neighbors Want Store To Keep Carts Out Of Creek

Neighbors in Fairfax County are calling on Walmart to help clean up Little Hunting Creek.


Is The Earth Cooking Up Another Super Volcano?

Every few million years or so, the Earth burps up a super volcano that can erupt continuously for thousands of years. A scientist who's mapping the planet's interior has an idea about what causes these super volcanoes and when we might expect another one.

Growing University Highlights Connecticut's Water Woes

One of the state's biggest public universities is expanding — and so is its demand for water. In a region where water resources are already strained by development and changing weather, the University of Connecticut's plans have sparked controversy and calls for a comprehensive water plan.

Automakers Drive Towards Hydrogen Cars

Toyota and BMW have formed an alliance to work on fuel cell cars. So have Daimler, Ford, and Nissan, with hopes of having cars on the road by 2017. But why now, and what obstacles still stand in the way? Jennifer Kurtz discusses the current state of hydrogen fuel technology.
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Maryland Fracking Opponents Want 18-Month Moratorium

Openings of fracking in Maryland are calling for an 180-month moratorium on the natural gas drilling method until economic and environmental impact analyses can be completed. 

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Parts Of Virginia Makes List Of Endangered Regions

The Southern Environmental Law Center is out with its list of top 10 endangered places in this region, and three parts of Virginia are on the list.