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O'Malley Vetoes Bill That Would Have Delayed Eastern Shore Wind Farm

A bill passed by Marylander lawmakers would have delayed a wind farm project on Eastern Shore more than a year, but it received a veto from Maryland's governor.


Intriguing Lime Green Blobs Appear In The Andes Mountains. Are They Alive?

It's dry. Empty. Rocks everywhere. About 10,000 feet up in the Andes. Then, all of a sudden you see an enormous, lime green, tasty-looking lump. Should you lick it?


What's To Blame For California's Early Fire Season?

John Laird, the secretary of the California Natural Resources Agency, discusses how to fight fires differently, as well as the role climate change may play in the frequency of fires in California.
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Purple Line Faces New Obstacle: Endangered Shrimp-Like Creature

Groups opposed to the Purple Line light rail project in Montgomery County say it will damage a local stream that is a home to an endangered shrimp-like species.

Organic Produce Is A Tough Sell In The Gaza Strip

A group of Gazan farmers has gone organic. While their produce should fetch a premium price, most of it ends up in the public market, mixed in with regular produce and sold for the same price.
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Science Philanthropy

In a trend that some fear is leading to a "privatization of science," wealthy philanthropists are pouring millions into everything from genetic research to space exploration. At the same time, government funding is declining. We explore the issue.

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Captain Rachel Dean: High School Teacher by Weekday, Waterman by Weekend

Captain Rachel Dean has been working on the water for years — but don't call her a "waterwoman." The southern Maryland native says she and her fellow female watermen — while a minority — are every bit as hard-working as the boys.
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Environmentalists, Anti-Tax Activists Battle Over Stormwater Fees To Help the Bay

Environmental activists and EPA administrators agree that there are few things more important to the health of the Chesapeake than paying more attention to stormwater runoff flowing into the bay. But should people pay for that runoff?
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As 'Save the Bay' Movement Matures, Are We Closer to Cleaning Up the Chesapeake?

Fifty years ago, a group of Baltimore businessmen got together and cooked up a plan to create an organization dedicated to the health of the Chesapeake Bay. A half century later, is the Chesapeake Bay Foundation any closer to achieving its goals of cleaning up the bay?

Tropical Storms Hitting Peak Strength Nearer Poles, Study Says

A new NOAA-led study has found that hurricanes, typhoons and tropical cyclones are at their most destructive about 90 miles farther north or south of the equator than three decades ago.