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How Sound Shaped The Evolution Of Your Brain

Sound gets into our brains and processed so quickly that it shapes all other perceptions, says neuroscientist Seth Horowitz. "You hear anywhere from 20 to 100 times faster than you see."
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Why Environmentalists Want To Curb Maryland's Poultry Industry

Environmentalists worry the poultry industry's growth means setbacks for the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

In California's Protected Waters, Counting Fish Without Getting Wet

Using divers to monitor whether life is returning to the 100 or so marine protected areas is pricey. Now, advances in DNA sequencing mean scientists just need a seawater sample to do a marine census.

Denmark Targets Consumer Behavior In Campaign To Reduce Food Waste

In the last few years, Denmark has become the world champion in reducing the amount of food that lands in the garbage.

Rice Finds A Welcome Home In Wisconsin Paddies

A Marquette University scientist slogged through more than 200 rice varieties to find the most promising few; he then subjected those to real Wisconsin weather on rooftop paddies outside his lab.

French Agent Apologizes For Blowing Up Greenpeace Ship In 1985

The Rainbow Warrior, on a mission to protest French nuclear testing in the Pacific, was destroyed by an underwater mine in New Zealand's Auckland harbor.

Coast Guard Reopens Section Of Mississippi After Collision, Spill

Two tow boats hit each other near Columbus, Ky., on Wednesday. One of them released an unknown quantity of potentially toxic clarified slurry oil.

California Considers Sweeping Proposals To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The state is often a step ahead of the status quo when it comes to environmental policy, and climate change is no exception. New legislation includes a plan to cut gasoline use in vehicles by half.

Native American Goes Back To His Roots To Solve Garbage Problem On Reservations

The Navajo and Hopi tribes produce about 300 million pounds of waste a year. And there are few places to dump it, let alone recycle. The tribes do not have landfills — only overflowing waste transfer stations — so there are hundreds of illegal dump sites. One Hopi man is trying to change that.

Coast Guard: Tow Boat Collision On Mississippi Causes Oil Spill

River traffic was halted on a portion of the waterway after the accident near Paducah, Ky. The maximum size of the Wednesday evening spill of clarified slurry oil is thought to be 250,000 gallons.