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Bill In Maryland Would Impose Strict Liability Standards On Drilling Companies

The Maryland Senate could vote as early as Wednesday on a bill that would impose some of the strictest liability standards in the U.S. on drilling companies in the state. Opponents call it an attempt to stop fracking, which has yet to start in Maryland.

Old Land Battle Resurfaces In Georgia Between The Gullah Vs. Government

The Gullah people, who are descendants of West African slaves, want to return to land the U.S. government took away during WWII. But the land has been a wildlife refuge for 40 years.
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Chesapeake Bay Program Wants Your Input Into Plans To Protect Watershed

A regional program to protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed is soliciting public opinion on 25 draft plans that will outline how the region manages one of its most vital environmental resources.


Guardian Editor Pledges To Bolster Coverage Of Climate Change

NPR's Scott Simon talks with Alan Rusbridger, editor of The Guardian, about his recent column detailing his personal motivation for intensifying the paper's focus on climate change coverage.

Ooze, Fog And Climate Change Threaten Mummies

The oldest mummies in the world are in northern Chile. Preserved for seven thousand years, the mummies are now deteriorating, and scientists say climate changes are to blame.

Plans To Explore For Oil Offshore Worry East Coast Residents

With memories of the massive BP spill still fresh, residents are hoping to stop offshore drilling and underwater seismic testing. Industry leaders say they follow rules meant to protect wildlife.

As Palm Oil Farms Expand, It's A Race To Save Indonesia's Orangutans

Demand for palm oil is destroying the habitat of endangered Sumatran orangutans. One group is working to rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce these often-orphaned primates back into the wild.
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'Rain Tax' Bill Survives In Maryland, And Hogan Doesn't Care That It's Not His Own

If the General Assembly does change what is officially known as the stormwater management fee, it probably won't be through a bill from the governor's own party.


Fla. Gov. Scott Denies 'Climate Change' Is A Banned Term

Independent scientists in Florida are backing claims by former state employees that Gov. Rick Scott's administration has a policy of discouraging use of the phrase "climate change."

Nicaragua's Renewable Energy Revolution Picks Up Steam

A few years ago, Nicaragua was almost totally dependent on imported fuel. Now the country's fierce winds, sun and volcanoes generate nearly half the country's electricity, and perhaps 80 percent soon.