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High Court Ruling Revives Law Against Out-Of-State Pollution

The Supreme Court is upholding a major EPA air pollution rule. The rule seeks to rein in pollution from power plant smoke stacks which can make the air in downwind states unhealthy. Researchers say the rule finally addresses a disconnect between the science of air pollution and the laws that had tried to clean it up.

Kansas Town Destroyed By Tornado Spreads Blame For Lack Of Growth

After seven years, Greensburg is stuck at half its pre-tornado population, and has few prospects for growth. Some blame trends decimating many farm towns — others point to the new green initiative.

Between Farmers And Frackers, Calif. Water Caught In Tussle

California's extreme drought has drawn battle lines over who gets water and who doesn't. As KQED's Lauren Sommer reports, fracking and farming are vying for freshwater in California's Central Valley.

Fire-Setting Ranchers Have Burning Desire To Save Tallgrass Prairie

In eastern Kansas, ranchers burn the prairie every spring to bring back grass for grazing cattle. Environmentalists celebrate those fires because without them the delicate ecosystem would disappear.

Deadly Storms Strike Central, Southern U.S.

A powerful storm created tornadoes through several states Sunday evening. Hard hit areas included Little Rock and parts of Oklahoma.

For New York, The '10-Year Storm' Isn't What It Used To Be

A new study says the worst floods in the city are both higher and 20 times more common than they were 170 years ago. But climate change is only part of the reason.
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On National Mall, Native Americans Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

Native Americans from across the country are visiting Washington this week to protest the construction of a controversial pipeline in the Midwest.

Radioactive Leak At U.S. Waste Dump Was Preventable, Report Says

The Feb. 14 release of radioactive material at the facility in New Mexico that contaminated 21 workers was due to poor management and lack of oversight, the Department of Energy says.
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Searching For Salamanders in Appalachia

The Appalachian region is home to all kinds of critters... including the world's most bio-diverse community of salamanders.
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Can The Farmland In Southern Maryland Be Saved?

A long-time resident of St. Mary and Charles Counties in Maryland is hoping to preserve farmland and other open spaces for the years ahead.