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Montgomery County Could Join Growing Ban On Styrofoam Containers

In a bid to reduce the amount of non-biodegradeable trash finding its way into area waterways, two Montgomery County lawmakers want to join the growing movement to ban styrofoam containers.


More Than Half Of U.S. Bird Species Threatened By Climate Change

A new Audubon report shows how climate change could affect the ranges of 588 North American bird species by the end of the century. Bald eagles, loons and orioles are among those facing major threats.


Could Great Lakes Fisheries Be Revived Through Fish Farms?

This summer, Michigan's aquaculture industry took a step forward. And that has touched off a debate over whether the Great Lakes are an appropriate place for fish farming.
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Scientists Marvel At Resilience Of Underwater Grasses In Chesapeake Bay

Beds of sea grass were nearly wiped out on the Susquehanna Flats during a hurricane 40 years ago, and scientists are just now unlocking the mysteries of how these important plants were able to bounce back.


U.S. Pacific Blue Whales Seen Rebounding Close To Historic Levels

With their population estimated at roughly 97 percent of historical levels, blue whales off the West Coast are being called a conservation success story.

For Lack Of Mississippi Silt, The Gulf Is Losing Coastal Land

Thousands of miles of Louisiana's coastline have been disappearing over the last century. NPR's Lynn Neary talks to fishing guide Ryan Lambert about what's happening to his community.

Federal Judge Decides BP Acted With Gross Negligence In Gulf Oil Spill

A federal judge has ruled that British Petroleum is guilty of gross negligence in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion and oil spill. The decision means BP might be fined billions of dollars in penalties for its role.
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Going Undercover With A D.C. Bag Tax Inspector

We'll meet a woman whose job is to go undercover and identify businesses that are giving customers a pass on the city's five-cent bag tax.

Perdue Says Its Hatching Chicks Are Off Antibiotics

Perdue Farms, one of the country's largest suppliers of chicken meat, says its hatcheries are working better now without antibiotics. Public health advocates call it "a big step" forward.
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McAuliffe Draws Criticism For Backing Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe  has thrown his support behind a $5 billion, 550-mile natural gas pipeline on the Atlantic Coast, which has drawn the ire of environmentalists.