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In India, Eco-Friendly Cremation Is Easy — But It's A Tough Sell

Is it possible to shrink the carbon footprint of the dead? An organization wants to persuade Indians to adopt "green" cremations and make an important Hindu death rite more environmentally friendly.

Army Corps Of Engineers Blocks Pacific Northwest Coal Terminal

In a blow to the coal industry, a new terminal in the Pacific Northwest was denied approval after opposition from environmental groups and a debate between local Native American tribes.

Bluefin Blues: Valuing A Tuna Species Before It's Too Late

Our appetite for the Pacific bluefin — prized for its tender, flavorful flesh — has reduced stocks to just 2.6 percent of original levels. The incentive to save bluefin is ecological — and financial.

In Polluted New Delhi, Triathlete Weighs Costs Of Exercising Outside

In the Indian capital of New Delhi — the city with the most polluted air in the world — exercising outdoors is as good for your lungs as chain smoking. A triathlete explains why he keeps at it.

India Struggles To Develop Without Furthering Carbon Footprint

How does a country bring its people into the 21st century without pumping huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere? This challenge is more acute in India than anywhere else.

Is American Oil 'Dead'? T. Boone Pickens Says Yes ... But Only For Now

Prospects in the industry are dim, and even the billionaire investor, who made his fortune in oil, has turned to alternative energies. Still, the self-described "realist" says they aren't the answer.

Massive Canada Wildfires Continue To Spread

Fires continue to rage in Alberta, Canada, threatening neighboring provinces. NPR's Melissa Block speaks with CBC reporter Evan Dyer about the continuing crisis.

Your Workout Data Might Be Helping Cities Build Safer Streets

As more people bike, cities are working on ways to keep them safe alongside cars. Now, transportation planners are turning to data from apps that cyclists and runners use to track themselves.

Secrets Of The Mariana Trench, Caught On Camera

Scientists are exploring creatures and habitats in the deepest parts of the ocean, and you can follow along by watching a live video stream.
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When D.C.'s Frogs Call for Mates, These Human Volunteers Respond

We're often told that a chorus of frogs will set about doing a lot of "ribbiting," but as a group of citizen scientists saw firsthand, D.C.'s amphibian friends have a much different signature sound.