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Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Contaminants

At issue is whether it's constitutional for a state to give people a 10-year window to file lawsuits after a company has stopped polluting.
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Montgomery County Council Passes Nine Environmental Bills

The measures range from increasing the amount of parking spaces that have chargers for electric cars to zoning changes that allow residents and businesses to install larger solar panels.

Green GOP Group Caught Between 'Rock And A Hard Place'

On Earth Day 2014, it wasn't easy being an environmental organization in the Republican Party. The big donors who write checks aren't much interested in the environment.
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Bicycles, Urban Areas and Public Infrastructure

Gabe Klein, the District's former transportation director, joins Kojo to explore the dynamics at work in the adoption of bicycle sharing in D.C. - and what they say about the evolving nature of public transportation infrastructure.

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Underwater Grasses Bounce Back In Chesapeake Bay

Grasses in the Chesapeake Bay have rebounded, according to a new report, an encouraging sign that reverses a three-year downward trend.


Fields And Farm Jobs Dry Up With California's Worsening Drought

For the first time in six years, many California farmers have been told they'll get little or no federal irrigation water. And as farms run dry, workers are deciding to pack up and move away.

Forced To Put Its Nets Away, One Fla. Town Clams Up — Literally

Since Florida banned gill nets 20 years ago, University of Florida researchers have helped Cedar Key replace commercial fishing with aquaculture. The area's now among the most productive clam farming regions in the U.S.
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No Easy Answer For Alexandria’s Sewage Dumping Problem

EPA goals call for the city of Alexandria to cut the human waste the city dumps into the Potomac by 2035, but just how the city is going to do that remains an open question.


California's Drought Ripples Through Businesses, Then To Schools

California farmers produce an enormous proportion of American produce, but the state is now experiencing a record-breaking drought that is being felt throughout the state and the U.S.
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Post-Rehab, Injured Snowy Owl Released Into Wild

The snow owl that captured the attention of District residents this winter before being struck by a bus was released back into the wild on Saturday.