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Friday News Roundup - International

French authorities identify the third assailant in the Paris attacks. Negotiators work against a deadline on a global climate agreement. And in Venezuela the opposition wins control of Congress. A panel of journalists joins guest host Melissa Ross for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


As Climate Talks Wrap Up, Attendees' Agendas Are On The Line

The United Nations Climate Change Summit in Paris enters its 11th hour. We hear from some of the people who have been there over the last two weeks.

At Climate Change Conference, More Time Is Needed To Reach A Deal

Negotiations at the Paris climate summit will be wrapping up soon and a global agreement is expected this weekend. A deal signed in Paris would come into being in 2020.

How To Stay Carbon-Neutral When Getting To Paris Is Carbon-Costly

Tens of thousands of people flew to Paris for the U.N. climate summit. Flying emits a lot of carbon. How to deal with the contradiction? NPR's Ari Shapiro finds one answer. It cost a dollar.

Dear U.N., Why Is It Mainly A Man's World At The Climate Conference?

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon told women to "get cross" if they see gender inequality. The male-female ratio at the Paris Climate Conference makes our writers very "cross."

Environmental Activists Adjust Their Tactics Since First Climate Talks

It's been 17 years since the Koyto climate talks. What have environmental groups learned about advocacy, lowering expectations and the realities of international politics, government and business?

Postcard From Paris: Meet The Matchmaker Of Clean Technology

The Climate Technology Centre and Network is like a green-tech dating agency. Nations with problems are matched with those that have solutions. More than 40 countries so far submitted help requests.

Environmentalists Sound Alarm On Proposed Drilling Near Florida Everglades

The National Park Service is weighing a Texas company's proposal to do seismic oil testing in the Big Cypress National Preserve, but some worry it will open the door for fracking in the Everglades.

Deadline Nears For Negotiators To Reach Deal On Climate Change

At the U.N. climate summit in Paris, negotiators have 48 hours until their deadline to reach a deal on global warning. NPR has the latest from the summit.

North Face Founder Douglas Tompkins Dies In Kayaking Accident In Chile

Tompkins created The North Face and co-founded Esprit, but abandoned the business world to devote himself to environmental causes. He was 72.