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Risky Tech Fixes For Climate Becoming Likelier, Critic Warns

As time runs out to put the brakes on global warming, world leaders seem loath to reduce gas emissions, because it's politically hard, says social scientist Clive Hamilton. Instead, he worries, we'll try to engineer the atmosphere — a tech fix that sounds quicker and simpler – but is fraught with risk.

Economist Says Best Climate Fix A Tough Sell, But Worth It

Yale's William Nordhaus has been running the numbers on Earth's climate troubles. He says charging a fair price for any dumping of carbon dioxide into the air is a cost-effective solution. But at least half the planet must cooperate, his math suggests, or it will be all pain, no gain.

The Earth's Sixth Extinction May Be One Of Our Own Making

Over the last half a billion years, there have been five major mass extinctions, when the diversity of life on Earth suddenly and dramatically contracted. Scientists are currently monitoring the sixth extinction, predicted to be the most devastating since the asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs. But this time around, writer Elizabeth Kolbert says, humans are causing the extinction.

Congressional Panel Probes W.Va. Chemical Spill

State health officials testified Monday before a House field hearing in West Virginia. The members of Congress asked whether tap water is safe to drink, a month after a major chemical spill.

Kansas Mayor Says Sustainability Is About Community, Not Politics

Today's political polarization makes it seem harder than ever to tackle climate change. Republican Bob Dixson says the goals of going green aren't only for liberals. His town of Greensburg was hit by an unusually strong tornado, and now he's working on a White House task force to prepare communities like his.

Prospectors See A Golden Lining In California's Drought

The state's historic drought has been bad for farmers but good for gold seekers, who can now pan areas that have long been buried under feet of water.

Is It Enough Rain For Drought-Stricken California?

The San Francisco Bay area has gotten about 3 inches so far this season, but normally it should have received 14.5 inches.

France Takes A Stand, Crushing Ivory Beneath The Eiffel Tower

France became the first European country this week to join a worldwide effort to destroy ivory. The goal is to send a warning to ivory traffickers and to anyone who might not consider buying it a serious crime.
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O'Malley Promises To Veto Tax On Chicken Growers For Environmental Cleanup

Environmental advocates want Maryland poultry companies to pay their share of the cleanup from nutrient buildup in the Chesapeake, but Maryland's governor has vowed to veto any such bill.


Bloomberg On Climate Change: Cities Are Leading The Way 'Right Now'

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made combating climate change a major focus during his time in office. Now, the billionaire businessman and philanthropist has a new international role to push his message. He has been appointed the U.N. special envoy for cities and climate change. Melissa Block talks with Bloomberg about the new job and what cities can do to fight climate change.