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Stanford University Says No To Coal Investments

Reflecting students' wishes, the decision by Stanford's trustees to divest from coal-mining companies cites alternate energy sources that emit less greenhouse gases.

Obama Sounds Alarm Bell On Climate Change. Is Anyone Listening?

President Obama is touting a government report on climate change. He's taking steps to limit the greenhouse gases that contribute to a warming planet, but he faces political heat on Capitol Hill.

Despite Warnings On Warming, Public Response Remains Lukewarm

The National Climate Assessment was released today. NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Bill McKibben, author of Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist, about the report.

Report: Climate Change Creates Public Health Costs

Melissa Block speaks with Brian Stone, director of the Urban Climate Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology, about the public health effects of climate change.

White House Report Says Climate Change Is Here And Now

A new U.S. government report tells an unambiguous story: The planet is warming, climate change is driven primarily by people and it's already affecting Americans, through more frequent or intense heat waves, downpours and, in some regions, floods or droughts.

Scientists Help Galapagos Finches Get Rid Of A Nasty Nest Pest

Cotton balls laced with insecticide just might be the answer to a parasitic fly that has been killing off young finches in the Ecuadorean islands since 1997.

Drought-Stricken Texas Town Turns To Toilets For Water

Wichita Falls may soon be one of the first cities in the nation where half the drinking water comes directly from wastewater. It will save water, but some residents find the process tough to swallow.

Monterey Bay An 'Ocean Buffet Open For Business' This Spring

Thanks to upwelling, an influx of marine and wildlife is taking place in one of the world's largest underwater canyons in California.

USGS: Okla. Fracking Has Increased Chance Of 'Damaging Quake'

The U.S. Geological Survey and its state counterpart issued a joint statement saying magnitude 3.0 temblors had increased by 50 percent since October.
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Coal Ash Cleanup To Begin Soon In Danville

The third-largest coal ash spill in U.S. history earlier this year has sparked a cleanup effort, with dredging of the Dan River scheduled to begin this week.