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Code Switch Podcast, Episode 2: Being 'Outdoorsy' When You're Black Or Brown

On this episode, Shereen and Adrian take a look at why being "outdoorsy" can get complicated when you're a person of color in America.

Was It Worth It For Lesotho To Sell Its Water To South Africa?

What happens when a country decides to sell its water then hits a drought? Our Planet Money team takes us to a country in Africa that might have given away its most valuable resource.

Landowners And Federal Officials Dispute Red River's Boundaries

The federal government is changing the border between Texas and Oklahoma. What's going on? That's what landowners along the Red River want to know.
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How Influence And Money Fueled Approval Of The Pepco-Exelon Deal

Just how much money went into selling the merger between Pepco and Exelon? Due to the nature of the work done by supporters, we may never know.


A Student-Run Farm Cultivates Passion For Sustainable Agriculture

The Student Organic Farm at Iowa State sends out CSA boxes to the local community — and of course, it gives students a chance to enjoy the (fresh, organic) fruits of their own labor.

Who's In Charge? Getting Western States To Agree On Sharing Renewable Energy

California has so much solar energy that some days, there's too much. One solution is to join forces across state borders. But in the West, that's sparking some not-so-neighborly opposition.

Fish And Wildlife Service May Appeal Judge's Ruling On Cormorants

A federal judge says the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service overstepped its bounds when it allowed some migratory birds to be killed in large numbers across the eastern United States.

Seaweed On Your Dinner Plate: The Next Kale Could Be Kelp

Why are chefs adopting sea greens in their cuisine? They're tasty and nutritious, and growing them is good for the planet. Maine's budding seaweed business is boosting an endangered coastal economy.

Using Algorithms To Catch The Sounds Of Endangered Frogs

Scientists are turning to big data to try to save California's state amphibian. They're using software to comb through hours of recordings to find the red-legged frogs that remain.

Korea's Air Is Dirty, But It's Not All Close-Neighbor China's Fault

South Korea likes to point the finger at China for its pollution woes, but that's not the whole story. New research is examining how much Korean smog is caused by neighbors and how much is home-grown.