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Burden Of Proof Hurt State In N.J.-Exxon Settlement, Some Say

Officials released the details of the state's proposed $225 million settlement with ExxonMobil, calling it a historically large payout. But environmentalists say the deal is worse than they feared.

NASA Battles Rising Sea Levels To Protect Kennedy Space Center

Sea level rise is beginning to affect the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. A protective dune not too far from the launchpads has collapsed.

Residents Fight Mark Twain National Forest Restoration Plan

The U.S. Forest Service wants to use fire, herbicides and chainsaws to cure ailing woods in the Mark Twain National Forest along the Missouri-Arkansas border.

In Long Beach, Calif., Smart Meters Spot Wasteful Water Users

The city has reduced its water consumption 6 percent since the drought started. The new meters can detect illegal watering in real time, and they've helped to cut some homeowners' use by 80 percent.

When Did Humans Start Shaping Earth's Fate? An Epoch Debate

Some scientists suggest calling the era we live in the Anthropocene, to denote the time when humans came to dominate Earth's fate. But did it start with farming, the atom bomb or another event?

Will Turning Seawater Into Drinking Water Help Drought-Hit California?

During its last major drought, Santa Barbara built a desalination plant. It was never used. Now it's being reopened, but critics say desalination is costly, energy-intensive and may harm marine life.

Coping With California's Drought

In a week when Governor Jerry Brown announced mandatory water restrictions, NPR's Arun Rath talks with reporter Kirk Siegler about his visit to the Sierra Nevada mountains, where the snowpack so vital to the state water supply is dramatically absent.

California's Ongoing Drought Hits Water Recreation Businesses

California's ongoing drought isn't just hurting the pocketbooks of farmers. Rafting companies, ski areas and other businesses and towns that depend on water for recreation are also being hit hard.
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Less-Stringent Fracking Bill Could Pass In Maryland Senate

One controversial proposal in the Maryland General Assembly is moving forward much to the delight of ralliers today, while another is done for this year.

California Water Experts Explore How To 'Live With' Long-Term Drought

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Doug Parker, director of the California Institute for Water Resources at the University of California, about longer-term measures California can use to fight drought.