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Coloradans Raise Environmental Concerns Of Proposed Reservoir Projects

Colorado will need more water to supply the state's fast-increasing population. So two large reservoir projects have been proposed, but some Coloradans worry about the dams' possible ecological harm.

Don't Fear The Wild Animals, Researchers Tell Salad-Makers

According to new research, vegetable farmers who clear away trees and wild vegetation from their fields aren't making their produce any safer to eat. But they are destroying animal habitats.

Rivers Shut Down Over EPA's Spill Of 3 Million Gallons Of Toxic Water

Water samples taken after the spill showed lead concentrations that were 3,500 times the levels normally seen in Durango, Colo.

Where Presidential Candidates Stand On Climate Change

The majority of Americans favor government action, but the candidates — and big donors — differ greatly. Here is what they've said on the topic, beginning with whether climate change is real.

EPA Evaluates Impact Of Wastewater Spill In Colorado

An estimated 3 million gallons of orange fluid that spilled from the Gold King Mine in Colorado has traveled from the Animas River in Colorado to the San Juan River in New Mexico.

EPA Says It Released 3 Million Gallons Of Contaminated Water Into River

The spill on Wednesday sent heavy metals, arsenic and other contaminants into a waterway that flows into the San Juan National Forest. Estimates of the spill's size have risen sharply since then.

Healthy Eaters, Strong Minds: What School Gardens Teach Kids

School-based urban gardens can have a measurable positive impact on kids — from improving their diets to helping boost engagement with academics.

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Project Turning A Vacant Baltimore Lot Into A Greenspace

A partnership between the city of Baltimore, the EPA and the Chesapeake Bay Trust will turn one of the city's many vacant lots into an environmentally-friendly greenspace.


Wyoming Governor: EPA Is 'Shutting Down The Coal Industry'

President Obama's new environmental guidelines will likely curb coal-generated power. Gov. Matt Mead tells NPR's Rachel Martin what this means for Wyoming, the nation's biggest coal producer.

Veteran Firefighter: Rocky Fire Has 'Most Extreme Fire Behavior I've Ever Seen'

The California fire is unusually intense and unpredictable. But between climate change and the impact of decades of poor management, such wildfires may be the new normal.