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If A Water Main Isn't Broke, Don't Fix It (For 300 Years?)

Recent water-related problems in Los Angeles and Ohio have put a focus on infrastructure. Many of the pipes in the U.S. are more than 100 years old and may not be replaced for another 100 years.

Lake Erie's Toxin-Fueled Bloom Has Ohio Famers On The Defensive

A recent water crisis cast a light on fertilizers used by farmers in the region of Toledo, Ohio.

Iselle Lashes Hawaii's Big Island As Threat From Julio Fades

Hurricane Iselle weakened to a tropical storm before it barreled ashore early Friday with strong winds and heavy rains. Hurricane Julio, meanwhile, appears to be weakening and veering north.

Mass. To Make Big Food Wasters Lose The Landfill

By October, the state will have the most ambitious commercial food waste ban in the U.S. Institutions that produce more than a ton of waste a week will have to find new uses for their scraps.

Hawaii, Which Almost Never Has Hurricanes, Is Getting Ready For 2

Hurricanes Iselle and Julio are both expected to weaken into tropical storms before approaching the islands later this week, but residents are being urged to stock up on supplies.
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Eight Maryland Lawmakers Urge Obama To Abandon Offshore Seismic Testing

The White House has backed a proposal to use seismic airguns to search for oil and gas off the Atlantic Coast — something opposed by eight prominent Maryland lawmakers.


Phosphorous Fed Algae Bloom Threatened Toledo's Tap Water

Linda Wertheimer talks to USDA expert Steve Davis about fertilizer runoff in Lake Erie. Excess phosphorous fed the algae bloom that resulted in a tap water ban over the weekend in Toledo, Ohio.

What Has Lake Erie So Sick?

To learn more about harmful algal blooms like the one affecting Toledo, Ohio, Melissa Block talks with Dr. Jeffrey Reutter of Ohio State University.
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Virus Hunters: Ebola and Tracking Viral Threats

Kojo talks with global virus hunters about their work, the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa and how "medical diplomacy" is impacting health from the most remote village to the biggest metro area.


As Ballot Deadline Looms, A Muddied Debate Over Colo. Fracking

Colorado is embroiled in debate over how to regulate oil and gas development. Up to four energy-related issues could be on the November ballot, and the run-up is causing confusion among voters.