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Elected Officials, Dominion Divided Over How To Clean Up 50 Years Of Pollution

EPA rules will force Dominion Power to clean up ponds that they've used for years as a dumping ground for coal ash, but environmental advocates say measures have to go farther to protect the state's drinking water.


Will Pope's Much-Anticipated Encyclical Be A Clarion Call On Climate Change?

On Thursday, the Vatican releases Pope Francis' document on the environment and poverty. He has said he believes global warming is a moral, and man-made, issue — angering climate change skeptics.

Endangered Species Protections At Center Of Drought Debate

Lawmakers in hard-hit Western states are pushing for suspensions to the Endangered Species Act to free up stored water. But an entrenched partisan divide over the law continues to be a hang-up.

Zoo Animals Roam Streets In Tbilisi, Georgia, After Deadly Floods

NPR's Melissa Block talks to reporter Lawrence Sheets in Tbilisi, Georgia, about how the heavy flooding has killed 12 people and enabled zoo animals to escape.

Israel Bringing Its Years Of Desalination Experience To California

After decades of work, Israel now gets about a quarter of its water from the sea. But experts say desalination is not a magic bullet, and conservation and infrastructure fixes are also needed.

NASCAR Goes Green: Gas-Guzzling Sport Works To Reduce Carbon Footprint

NASCAR is probably not what you think of when it comes to being environmentally friendly. But it — and other sports leagues — is working to change that.

As Fish Stocks Dwindle, So Do The Livelihoods Of Greek Fishermen

The Greek fisherman casting a net from his small wooden boat is a postcard image of the Mediterranean. But fish stocks are so low now that many fishermen say they can't make a living anymore.

Organic Farmers Call Foul On Whole Foods' Produce Rating System

Some organic farmers are protesting a new system Whole Foods is using to rate its suppliers. They say the system devalues the organic label because nonorganic producers can earn the highest grades.

Why Is This Fisherman Selling Threatened Bluefin Tuna For $2.99 A Pound?

That low price doesn't reflect the true state of Pacific bluefin: Scientists say it's in deep trouble. But fishermen who catch it say they're just trying to make a living — and obeying the law.

Parched Northwest Raises A Variety Of Concerns

The usually-snowy peaks of Olympic National Park are a deep green. That means less snowmelt in rivers that provide water for farmland, and spawning grounds for more than a million fish.