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Plans To Explore For Oil Offshore Worry East Coast Residents

With memories of the massive BP spill still fresh, residents are hoping to stop offshore drilling and underwater seismic testing. Industry leaders say they follow rules meant to protect wildlife.

As Palm Oil Farms Expand, It's A Race To Save Indonesia's Orangutans

Demand for palm oil is destroying the habitat of endangered Sumatran orangutans. One group is working to rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce these often-orphaned primates back into the wild.
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'Rain Tax' Bill Survives In Maryland, And Hogan Doesn't Care That It's Not His Own

If the General Assembly does change what is officially known as the stormwater management fee, it probably won't be through a bill from the governor's own party.


Fla. Gov. Scott Denies 'Climate Change' Is A Banned Term

Independent scientists in Florida are backing claims by former state employees that Gov. Rick Scott's administration has a policy of discouraging use of the phrase "climate change."

Nicaragua's Renewable Energy Revolution Picks Up Steam

A few years ago, Nicaragua was almost totally dependent on imported fuel. Now the country's fierce winds, sun and volcanoes generate nearly half the country's electricity, and perhaps 80 percent soon.

As Climate Wars Heat Up, Some Skeptics Are Targets

Environmentalists and Democrats have launched investigations into the funding of climate skeptics. Some say the probes are necessary, while others worry they could rightly be seen as harassment.

Florida Gov. Scott Denies Banning Phrase 'Climate Change'

University scientists and former state employees say Florida Gov. Rick Scott's administration has directed them to avoid using the phrase "climate change." Scott denies the charge.

Pigeon, Parakeet And Pony: Amsterdam Food Truck Serves Maligned Meat

The Kitchen Of The Unwanted Animal, a food truck and specialty food provider, is trying to change attitudes toward "edible" animals in Holland. They're doing it one My Little Pony Burger at a time.

Anti-Smog Film Is Pulled In China; Protesters Reportedly Detained

A human rights group says police in China detained two people for protesting the government's approach to smog. A popular film about the same topic was recently removed from major websites.

Why China's Pollution Could Be Behind Our Cold, Snowy Winters

A video from NASA shows how air pollution moves around the world. So what happens when emissions from Asia blow across the Pacific Ocean to North America?