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Climate Change Plays 'Fairly Insignificant' Role In Current Warm Weather

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks to Mike Halpert, NOAA's deputy director of the Climate Prediction Center, about the odd weather caused by El Nino and if climate change has a role.

Natural Gas Leak in California Raises Health, Environmental Concerns

A month and a half after detecting the leak in its Aliso Canyon storage facility, Southern California Gas Co. still hasn't been able to stop it.

People Across The U.S. React To Unseasonably Warm Weather

All Things Considered hears from people around the country about the unseasonable weather.

Global Businesses Show Cautious Support For Climate Deal

Business groups around the world are studying the climate change agreement reached in Paris over the weekend. Many support the idea of taking steps to limit carbon emissions but are worried about how reductions will be implemented and enforced.
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Public Hearing On Pepco-Exelon Merger Draws Tough Questions But Sparse Attendance From D.C. Council

The latest public hearings on the proposed merger between Pepco and energy giant Exelon featured tough questions by environmental organizations and good government groups, but only one D.C. Council member from the five-member environment committee was on hand for the whole thing.


Scientists See U.N. Climate Accord As A Good Start, But Just A Start

Many analyzing the deal hammered out in Paris say it's way better than no plan at all. But proof, they warn, will be in the execution of efforts to cap global temperature rise at 2 degrees C or less.

Ford CEO Outlines Plans To Compete With Ride-Hailing Services

Ford Motor Company plans to roll out a fleet of hybrid cars, and it's also developing new ride-hailing services. This is Ford's latest effort to not just sell cars, but drive people and gain entry into the ride-hailing economy dominated by Uber and Lyft. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with the Ford CEO Mark Fields about the company's move into other markets and the future of the auto industry.

U.S. Envoy Calls Deal An 'Important Start' In Fight Against Climate Change

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Todd Stern, the Obama administration's climate envoy, who negotiated the climate deal in Paris. He calls it a "very important start" in the fight against climate change.

Global Leaders Move To Cut Emissions In Wake Of Climate Deal

NPR has reaction from Russia, China and Brazil on the climate deal reached over the weekend in Paris.

Economic, Environmental Concerns Threaten Future Of Oil Sands

Alberta, Canada, has the third largest oil reserves in the world, but the potentially lucrative oil sands business faces serious economic challenges.