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Montgomery County Lawmakers Reach Compromise On Lawn Pesticides

All year, the Montgomery County council has been debating a bill that would prevent certain pesticides from being used on lawns. But a day before council members are scheduled to vote on that bill, a compromise has been reached that looks like it will pass.

South Carolina Lowcountry Begins To Dry Out After Severe Floods

The risk of flash floods has subsided across South Carolina's Lowcountry. But overflowing rivers continue to pose a risk as residents begin to assess the damage to their roads, homes and businesses.

U.S. Coast Guard Continues Search For El Faro Survivors

The search continues after El Faro, a 790-foot cargo ship, sank last Thursday in Hurricane Joaquin. One body has been found, but family members and search and rescue crews remain hopeful.

U.S. Settles Claims Against BP Over Deepwater Horizon Spill For $20 Billion

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch calls the deal "the largest settlement with a single entity in American history."

For Environmentalists, Mines Near Wilderness Are Too Close For Comfort

A couple is spending 365 days in the nation's most visited wilderness area to raise awareness of a sulfide-ore mining plan they say will put the watershed ecosystem in danger. Some locals disagree.

India Says It Will Lower Rate Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

India released its pledges ahead of December's global climate change summit in Paris. "We want to walk [a] cleaner energy path," says the country's environment minister.

What's At The Edge Of A Cloud?

Scientists soared through clouds with a new instrument that takes 3-D pictures of the edge. What they learned about the size and density of droplets surprised them and might lead to better forecasts.

EPA Sets New, Tougher Standards Aimed At Reducing Smog

The Environmental Protection Agency has released its much-anticipated ozone standards. The agency is setting more stringent thresholds for the particles that contribute to smog.

Endangered Wildlife Find A Safe Home On The Range, The Bombing Range

The U.S. military manages about 30 million acres of land that is home to some 400 threatened and endangered species. This raises a host of issues, but some environmentalists see it as an opportunity.

India Makes A Climate Pledge, But Insists It Has A 'Right To Grow'

India's economy has grown rapidly and the surge has been accompanied by a rise in its carbon footprint. The country has outlined what it plans to do in a pledge ahead of the U.N. climate conference.