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Experimental Solar-Powered Plane Takes Flight After 9-Month Delay

Solar Impulse 2 is attempting to circumnavigate the world using only the sun's power. It has been grounded in Hawaii for maintenance and is now on a three day journey heading to California.

VW Will Buy Back Some Diesel Cars, Announcing A Deal With U.S.

The agreement addresses "what to do about the 2-liter diesel cars on the road and the environmental consequences resulting from their excess emissions," the Justice Department says.

Can The U.S. And China Keep Their Climate Pledges?

The two nations topping the world in greenhouse gas emissions agreed at the Paris talks to cut way back. But critics have stalled a key part of the U.S. plan, and China's good start may be fragile.

More Charges Expected In Flint's Contaminated Drinking Water Case

A day after the first criminal charges related to Flint's lead tainted water were filed, residents of the Michigan city and others wonder how high up the investigation into the crisis will go.

For Voters In Appalachian Region, Medical Care Is A Big Issue

Tennessee's alternative to Obamacare is faltering. Steve Inskeep talks to Knoxville's mayor about health and political issues. Chris Green of Berea College weighs in on the area's political leanings.

San Francisco Requires New Buildings To Install Solar Panels

San Francisco already required buildings to be "solar ready," and starting in 2017, actual panels will be mandated. It's the first major U.S. city to take such a step, according to the bill's sponsor.

Climate Change? Some People May Not Be Sweating It Because The Weather Is Nicer

Researchers say climate change has made weather more pleasant in many parts of the U.S. Winters have been milder, and summers haven't become much hotter. But that's likely to change in coming years.

After Fires In West, Mushroom Hunters 'Chase The Burn'

From Northern California to Alaska, commercial and amateur foragers are now scouring the hills in search of black morels — prized mushrooms which grow in land ravaged by forest fires.
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What Chesapeake Blue Crab's Higher Numbers Mean For Bay

After several years of below average crab populations, a recent survey shows that the Chesapeake Bay's "beautiful swimmers" have rebounded.


3 Face Criminal Charges Over Flint Water Crisis

Two Michigan Department of Environmental Quality employees and a Flint water official are being charged with misconduct, neglect of duty and tampering with evidence over the city's contaminated water.