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The U.N.'s Rundown Of Some Of The World's Biggest Problems

A new report reveals where the world stands in the fight against extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.

Making The Cloud Green: Tech Firms Push For Renewable Energy Sources

Few people can demand what kind of electricity they get. But Microsoft and Facebook, which operate huge, power-hungry data centers, are trying to green up the electricity grid with their buying power.

Invisibilia: The Unbearable Lightness Of Footwear

When we invented shoes, we slipped a surface between ourselves and the world. Ever wonder if this is the moment mankind fell from grace? No? Well, for better or worse, NPR's Colin Dwyer has.

'Heat Dome' Causing Excessive Temperatures In Much Of U.S.

It's over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in much of the Midwest, South and East, and the culprit is hot air trapped under an atmospheric pressure lid that heats it up even further.


The Race To Stop A Looming Food Disaster In Southern Africa

El Nino ruined this spring's harvest. Can food aid — and maize seeds — be delivered in time?

Tens Of Thousands Of Alpacas Die In Peruvian Cold Snap

Peru's government has declared a state of emergency in the southern Andes, where brutally cold temperatures have killed the animals and threatened farmers living at high altitude.

An Archaeological Mystery In Ghana: Why Didn't Past Droughts Spell Famine?

A terrible drought hit Ghana in the 1400s, far worse than today's conditions. Yet people had enough to eat, while today they go hungry. What changed? In a word, colonialism, a new study suggests.

Taking The Battle Against Lyme Disease Ticks To The Backyard

Scientists have tested all sorts of strategies to keep Lyme disease ticks from biting us. One is to make it less likely you'll cross paths with the critters in your yard. Sawdust mulch, anyone?


Wal-Mart, America's Largest Grocer, Is Now Selling Ugly Fruit And Vegetables

Lots of tasty, nutritious produce ends up in landfills because it doesn't meet retail beauty standards. Now Wal-Mart is testing sales of wonky apples and spuds in hundreds of Texas and Florida stores.
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Environmental Outlook: New Efforts To Save African Lions

The trophy killing of Cecil the Lion brought new attention to the plight of African lions. Yet many conservationists say the main threat to lions is not trophy hunting, but habitat loss and locals killing them to protect their livestock. For this month's Environmental Outlook: strategies to save African lions.