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Cascara 'Tea': A Tasty Infusion Made From Coffee Waste

Hot or cold, in a soda, hot toddy or beer — people are finding all sorts of ways to imbibe cascara. It's a caffeinated, tea-like drink with a fruity flavor made from dried coffee cherries.

Obama On Climate Change: 'I Actually Think We're Going To Solve This Thing'

In a press conference in Paris, Obama said that climate change is probably the hardest kind of problem for politicians to solve, yet despite the hurdles, he's optimistic.
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D.C. Sending Delegation To Climate Talks In Paris

Some argue that the real work of addressing climate change happens at the local level, which is why Tommy Wells — D.C.'s director of the D.C. Department of Energy and Environment — is headed to Paris.


Obama To Put A Human Face On Dangers Of Climate Change

In Paris, President Obama meets with the leaders of island nations — they are among the first to feel the effects of rising sea levels. Obama will urge the leaders to get serious about climate change.

Philly Planner: With Climate Change The Past Doesn't Predict The Future

Representatives are in Paris hammering out an agreement to cut CO2 emissions. But most of the people charged with preparing cities and towns for the worst impacts of climate change won't be there.

LA's Top Restaurant Charts New Waters In Sustainable Seafood

Providence is widely considered the finest restaurant in Los Angeles. Its award-winning chef, Michael Cimarusti, is piloting Dock to Dish, a program that hooks chefs up directly with local fishermen.

As Paris Summit Begins, What Would A Successful Climate Deal Look Like?

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Jennifer Morgan, global director of the Climate Program at the World Resources Institute. They discuss what success in Paris would be and what has to happen afterward.

Big Data Predicts Centuries Of Harm If Climate Warming Goes Unchecked

It took about 30 teams of scientists worldwide, using supercomputers to churn through mountains of data, to see patterns aligning of what will happen decades and centuries from now.

Record Breaking Smog In China, India Underlines Climate Summit In Paris

India and China's capitals suffer from record breaking smog as the summit to limit greenhouse gas emissions kicks off in Paris Monday.

Paris Continues To Recover As Global Leaders Attend Climate Summit

The United Nations climate summit opened Monday with more than 130 world leaders expected to attend. Its a huge security challenge for a city still recovering from the November 13th terror attacks.