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When Every Drop Of Water Could Be Poison: A Flint Mother's Story

For Flint resident Jeneyah McDonald, using bottled water for everything has become an onerous but necessary routine. Still, she worries about the effects that toxic tap water will have on her sons.

School Superintendent In Flint Worries About Water Crisis' Irreversible Harm

Renee Montagne talks to Bilal Tawwab, superintendent of schools in Flint, Mich., about how the district is responding to the lead water crisis. The extent of the damage from the lead is not yet known.

Debris Flow From California's Rough Fire Threatens Lakes Downstream

A lot of El Nino-related precipitation is falling on an area devastated by a giant 150,000 acre fire that burned last summer. Dirt and debris are flowing into lakes, and farmers are worried.

Beyond Flint: In The South, Another Water Crisis Has Been Unfolding For Years

You've heard of the water crisis in Flint, Mich. But it's not the only place with a water problem. In St. Joseph, La., the water "looks like sludge," according to Louisiana's own state health officer.

Families Near The Huge Gas Leak Wonder: Is Home A Safe Place To Be?

Most health officials say the small amounts of benzene and other components of the natural gas still leaking in Southern California are probably not a health threat. Still, some parents worry.

Florida Governor Ramps Up Mosquito Fight To Stay Ahead Of Zika

It's only a matter of time, Gov. Rick Scott figures, before the Zika virus shows up in Florida mosquitoes. He's called for increased spraying and other moves to keep Zika and other diseases in check.

Unpaid Water Bills In Flint Could Hinder Repairs

Michigan's governor wants to spend $30 million to pay water bills in Flint. A lawsuit is seeking five times that in refunds and damages for people who paid for lead-tainted drinking water.

Oregon's New Site To Explore: Valhalla

A natural wonder 60 miles from Portland has never been documented until now. It's a deep and narrow slot canyon. There are concerns a lot of adventure-seekers from all over will show up to explore it.
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D.C. Composer And Neighbors Fight Unwanted Symphony — Leaf-Blowers

They clean lawns and sidewalks — and inflame passions. Gas-powered leaf-blowers are a nuisance worthy of being banned, say some D.C. residents.

Michigan Governor Wants $30 Million To Help Pay Bills For Lead-Tainted Water

Flint residents are still being billed for water that's unsafe to drink. Tens of thousands of petitions have demanded a moratorium on residents' drinking water bills.