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Obama Proposes New Protections For Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The president recommends more than 12 million acres of the region receive the highest level of protection available for public lands.

Will Environmentalists Fall For Faux Fish Made From Plants?

A handful of chefs and food companies are experimenting with fish-like alternatives to seafood. But the market is still a few steps behind plant-based products for meat and dairy.
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Poultry Jobs May Be Leaving Maryland — Even Without Regulations In Place

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan won allies in the state's agriculture industry this week when he blocked controversial phosphorous management regulations from taking effect. But poultry jobs that some feared would leave the region if the regulations were implemented might be leaving anyway.

Ecologist's Airborne Scanners See The Forest And The Trees — All Of Them

Gregory Asner has loaded a plane with lasers, spectrometers and computers to create models so detailed, they distinguish between and count plant species in even the densest biomes, like the Amazon.

Investment Fund Pours Cash Into Cleaner, Greener Fish Farming

Aqua-Spark is the world's first investment fund for sustainable aquaculture. So far it has bet on an alternative fish feed that could take pressure off the oceans and a tilapia farm in Mozambique.

Building Sponge City: Redesigning LA For Long-Term Drought

In Los Angeles, some see drought as a design opportunity. The Arid Lands Institute in Burbank is developing ways to turn the city into a "sponge" in order to take in water and store it for later.
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Virginia Lawmakers Renew Push For Offshore Drilling

Virginia's two Democratic senators support the plan if the state is given a share of the revenue.

U.S. Solar Industry Sees Growth, But Also Some Uncertainty

The solar industry employs nearly 174,000 workers in the U.S., up 22 percent from a year ago. But the industry's future is murky, as government subsidies are set to expire within two years.

New Justice Department Environment Chief Takes Helm Of Gulf Spill Case

John Cruden returns to the department as litigation over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill intensifies. He'll also defend Obama climate change rules and try to protect wildlife while in the post.

MTV Pimps Cars, Brazil Pimps Trash Carts

It's the brainstorm of a street artist, who wanted folks to pay more respect to the pickers who collect recyclable garbage that would otherwise pile up in landfills.