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Lawsuit Raises Questions About Animal Dung In Chesapeake Bay

How much animal dung belongs in the Chesapeake Bay? Is the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality doing enough to keep it out? Those questions are at the heart of a lawsuit that a judge in Richmond will hear Thursday.
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How Could Avian Flu Affect People? Scientists Are Looking Into It

In Virginia, a group of scientists from around the world are trying to figure out how new strains of avian flu could impact humans by looking at the virus in a new way.

The Scallop Scoop: Survey Forecasts A Banner Year In Atlantic

Federal fisheries researchers says their survey found about 10 billion scallops in waters off Delaware and southern New Jersey. They're predicting a boom for the nation's most valuable fishery.
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Environmental Outlook: The Growing Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

A look at the growing fossil fuel divestment movement.


Flood Maps Can Get Much Sharper With A Little Supercomputing Oomph

Entrepreneurs are turning to Oak Ridge National Lab's supercomputer to make all sorts of things, including maps that are much more accurate in predicting how a neighborhood will fare in a flood.

U.N. Brokers Global Effort To Rein In Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Speeches by high-level representatives were an attempt to keep momentum going as the world moves toward a key summit in Paris this year, which may produce an agreement to control greenhouse gases.

U.N. Holds Climate Talks In New York Ahead Of Paris Meeting

The United Nations is having a high-level climate meeting ahead of the end-of-year meeting in Paris that will hopefully result in a major new agreement to rein in greenhouse gases.

Supreme Court Rules In Industry's Favor. What's EPA's Next Move?

Monday's decision from the high court technically only applies to the Clean Air Act's standards on mercury emissions from power plants. But it could affect future EPA regulations, legal experts say.
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'Bodysnatching' Parasite Sweeping Through Crab Populations In Chesapeake Bay

A bodysnatching parasite is spreading through crab populations in the Chesapeake Bay, and so far, the crab species at risk are of little economic consequence. But biologists say this invasive parasite has cousins that could wreak havoc with the Bay's fisheries.

Supreme Court Blocks Obama Administration Plan On Power Plant Emissions

In a 5-4 ruling, the court says the Environmental Protection Agency should have taken into account the costs of complying with regulation.