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Pipeline Operator: Possibly Months Before Cause Of Calif. Spill Found

Plains All American, the company that operates the pipeline, says it has yet to uncover the problem. So far, 9,000 gallons of sludge have been removed from a nine-miles stretch of Calif. coast.

Census Reveals Universe Of Marine Microbes At Bottom Of The Food Chain

The ocean's tiniest inhabitants — including bacteria, plankton, krill — are food for most everything that swims or floats. Now, scientists have completed a count of this vast and diverse hidden world.

Santa Barbara Oil Spill Adds To Pipeline Operator's Dismal Safety Record

Texas-based Plains All American Pipeline is reported to have a number of previous infractions. One of the company's pipelines also spilled an estimated 10,000 gallons near Los Angeles a year ago.

Urban Food Forests Make Fruit Free For The Picking

Urban orchards are dropping everything from apples to avocados on Seattle, Bloomington, Ind., Boston and several other cities. Advocates say orchards can have longer lasting impact than gardens.

Pipeline Operator In Calif. Spill Reportedly Had History Of Infractions

Plains All American Pipeline had accumulated 175 safety and maintenance infractions since 2006, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

Calif. Gov. Brown Declares State Of Emergency To Aid In Oil Spill Clean Up

An estimated 105,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from a pipeline along the California coast near Santa Barbara. Crews are working to contain a 9 mile wide sheen in the Pacific Ocean.

Spending To Fight Wildfires At The Expense Of Preventing Them

In Washington state, a community coalition is bringing homeowners, businesses and government together to figure out how best to use what little money there is to protect the land from destruction.

Oil Spill Near Santa Barbara Fouls California Coastline

A pipeline rupture spilled some 21,000 gallons of crude. Some beaches were evacuated, and it's unclear if they will reopen in time for Memorial Day.

New Texas Law Makes Local Fracking Bans Illegal

Legislation was signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott after the city of Denton voted to restrict fracking. Denton officials say oil companies should not wield more power than citizens.

Pollinator Politics: Environmentalists Criticize Obama Plan To Save Bees

The White House's strategy to reverse dramatic declines in bee numbers calls for the restoration of 7 million acres of bee-friendly habitat. Critics say the plan ignores a key culprit: pesticides.