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Virginia's Renewable Energy Policy Under Review

Both Virginia's largest utility and environmental groups agree that current policy on renewable energy in the commonwealth is inadequate. Where they diverge is on the proposed fixes.

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Wind Farm Developers More Mindful Of Whales

Groups developing offshore wind farms along the east coast are tweaking their building plans to protect whales.

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Dominion Working On Largest Fuel Cell Power Project

Richmond-based Dominion Power says it will develop the largest fuel cell power project in North America.

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Survey Could Pave The Way For Offshore Wind Power In Virginia

Virginia will soon begin a survey of a patch of the Atlantic that will be the first step towards testing and developing offshore wind technology with the help of federal money.


Is California Up Next For An Oil And Gas Boom?

The Bureau of Land Management is auctioning off 18,000 acres of oil leases in California Wednesday. The state has one of the largest deposits of shale oil in the country. And it's attracting new attention because of the drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing – or fracking.
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Virginia State Senator Proposes New Gas Tax

Virginia State Sen. John Watkins is proposing a new tax on the wholesale price of gasoline to help fund transportation projects.


Positive Fracking Study Was Funded By Gas Company

A report that shed favorable light on fracking is at the center of a controversy at the University of Texas. The head of the school's Energy Institute has stepped down and another professor has retired after an investigation found numerous errors and flaws in the report — and undisclosed conflicts of interest.