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Greenpeace Activists Protest Shell Oil's Plan To Drill In The Arctic Ocean

NPR's Melissa Block speaks with KUCB reporter John Ryan about how protesters are trying to block Shell's plan to drill in the Arctic by keeping a Shell icebreaker from leaving Portland, Ore.

Obama Thinks Solar Power Will Boost Kenya; Kenyans Aren't So Sure

Are solar panels the best way to connect millions of Africans to electricity? That's the plan the president will tout on his visit to Kenya. Critics ask: What about tapping into power lines?
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New Efficiency Targets In Maryland Energize Environmental Advocates

The Maryland Public Service Commission will requite electric utilities to find a way to be 2 percent more energy efficient each year, something advocates say is a great idea.


Iran's Khamenei Signals Approval Of Nuclear Deal With 'Arrogant' U.S.

The country's supreme religious leader says the deal won't change his country's support for the governments of Syria or Iraq, nor for the "oppressed" Palestinians.

U.S. Energy Secretary: Deal Keeps Iran Further Away From A Nuclear Weapon

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz about the Iran nuclear deal. Secretary Moniz was an important player in the negotiations.

Obama Says Deal Is 'Best Means' For Preventing Iranian Nuclear Weapons

President Obama made his case for the Iran nuclear deal at a press conference Wednesday. He said the agreement achieves its primary goal, which is to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Lebanon Residents Divided Over Iran Nuclear Deal

Lebanon serves as a good reflection of the Middle East, and it's buzzing with the news of the Iran nuclear deal.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Nuclear Deal With Iran 'Has To Include Their Behavior'

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham about the Iran nuclear agreement. He says a deal should have been contingent on Iran changing its behavior toward its neighbors.

Nuclear Deal Includes Surveillance Of Iran's Nuclear Facilities

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with veteran former International Atomic Energy Agency inspector Thomas Shea about the Iran nuclear deal and how the process of inspections may change.

Solar Airplane's Round-The-World Trip Is Halted Until 2016

Battery problems on the Solar Impulse, the airplane that has been flying around the world using only the sun's power, have grounded it until next spring.