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Tens Of Thousands Of Pepco Customers Without Power

A downed tree has knocked out power for nearly 50,000 Pepco customers on Friday afternoon, leaving the utility scrambling to restore service.

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Maryland Fracking Opponents Want 18-Month Moratorium

Openings of fracking in Maryland are calling for an 180-month moratorium on the natural gas drilling method until economic and environmental impact analyses can be completed. 


With Gasoline Prices Rising, Consumers Are Having A Tough Year

They're getting hit with a double whammy: a spike in gas prices and smaller paychecks because a payroll tax break expired. That combination could dampen consumer spending, economists say.
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Coal-Burning Power Plant Targeted By D.C. CM Wells

A power plant operated by the federal government in the District still uses coal to generate some power  — something council member Tommy Wells wants to see changed.


Obama Speech Expected To Flesh Out Climate Proposals

The big surprise in President Obama's inaugural address was his attention to climate change. What will the president's State of the Union address say about clean energy and global warming?

Environmentalists Oppose Shipping Fracking Waste By Barge

As more oil and gas drilling takes place in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, there's more liquid waste that needs disposing. A proposal to carry that waste to disposal sites using river barges is getting attention. But some environmentalists say it's just too risky a way to transport the waste.

Are Mini-Reactors The Future Of Nuclear Power?

The prefabricated nuclear reactors, which would be small enough to build in a factory and ship on trucks, would generate about one-tenth the power of a typical nuclear power plant. It's potentially a growth opportunity for American industry, but critics say the reactors carry a host of safety, security, environmental and economic concerns.

Outgoing Energy Secretary Warns Of Dangers Of Climate Change

Secretary Chu is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who came into office with high hopes. He was selected to help the president pursue his green energy agenda and fight climate change. It turned out to be a rocky road. Some of the green companies that got big government loans, like Solyndra, ended up going bankrupt, and the president had to drop his plans to get Congress to adopt climate change legislation. Still Chu helped the country make progress in becoming more energy efficient.