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Flush With Oil, Abu Dhabi Opens World's Largest Solar Plant

The new plant is expected to generate 100 megawatts of power and supply 20,000 homes with electricity.
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Virginia Cleared For Research Lease For Possible Offshore Wind Development

Ten energy companies have expressed an interest in building wind farms in Virginia's federally designated leasing area.


Could Tapping Undersea Methane Lead To A New Gas Boom?

A giant reservoir of natural gas lies under the ocean floor, and no one had successfully extracted it until this week. Japanese engineers pulled it up through a well from under the Pacific. But there are still lots of unanswered questions about the viability of this new gas supply.
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Bald Eagles Threatened By Eastern Shore Wind Farm

As many as 20 bald eagles a year would be killed by a proposed Eastern Shore wind farm, according to a report disputed by lobbyists for wind power in Maryland.

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NRC Denies Foreign Application To Build Maryland Nuclear Reactor

A French-based company will not be allowed to build a third nuclear reactor at Maryland's Calvert Cliffs.

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Virginia Governor To Consider Tax On Hybrid And Electric Cars

Under Virginia's new transportation funding plan, the wallets of energy-efficient car drivers will take a bit of a hit.

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Pepco Seeking Rate High For D.C. Customers

Pepco's proposed plan would add almost $6 to the average monthly residential bill in the District.