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An Oil Rig Arrives In Alaska, On Its Way To The Arctic

The rig is scheduled to head into the Arctic later this summer as part of an exploratory offshore drilling operation. That drilling is controversial — at least in the lower 48 states.

Drop In Oil Prices Threatens Economy Of Tiny Texas Town

The tiny, South Texas town of Cotulla has experienced a hotel boom in the past five years, and all that business came from the surge in oil drilling. But the recent drop in oil prices is threatening to undermine the town's future.

How Fracking Is Fueling A Power Shift From Coal To Gas

Driven by new regulations and fracking, more coal power plants are retiring for cheaper, cleaner-burning natural gas. But scientists have yet to work out the fossil fuel's imperfect climate footprint.

EPA Official: Decisions On Climate Change Will Affect Economic Future Of U.S.

NPR's Melissa Block interviews Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy on the second anniversary of the president's Climate Action Plan.

After Waterway Closure, Minneapolis Sees An End To River Shipping

For the first time ever, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has closed part of a navigable waterway to stem the migration of an invasive species.

Proposed Oil Refinery Could Help Washington State Meet Clean Fuel Standards

The push for cleaner fuels in Oregon and Washington could bring the region more crude oil and a new refinery along the Columbia River. It would be the first refinery on the West Coast in 25 years.

Battle Over New Oil Train Standards Pits Safety Against Cost

Against the backdrop of several fiery derailments, safety advocates are questioning whether new federal rules meant to prevent incidents go far enough. Opponents say the new rules are too costly.
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Elected Officials, Dominion Divided Over How To Clean Up 50 Years Of Pollution

EPA rules will force Dominion Power to clean up ponds that they've used for years as a dumping ground for coal ash, but environmental advocates say measures have to go farther to protect the state's drinking water.


America's Next Economic Boom Could Be Lying Underground

When it comes to improving the standard of living for Americans, the middle class could use some help. One Harvard economist says the help is underground, in the form of oil and natural gas.

EPA, Farmers Divided Over Proposed Ethanol Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing big changes to renewable fuel policy to spur growth in low-carbon fuels made from crops other than corn.