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Residents Return Home After Workers Cap Leaking Gas Well In Los Angeles

Residents are returning to the Los Angeles community of Porter Ranch now that the leaking natural gas well there has been capped.

Leaking Natural Gas Well In California Is Permanently Sealed

After spewing methane into the atmosphere for months, a storage well near Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, has been permanently sealed and taken out of service, state officials and the gas utility say.

Crude Oil Thefts Rise In Texas As Low Prices Force Job Cuts

Oil prices continue to hover near lows not seen in years. It might be surprising then to learn that the theft of oil is up. Oil companies in Texas are lobbying for higher penalties against thieves.

From The Ashes Of Some Coal Plants, New Energy Rises

For decades, coal was king of electricity generation in the U.S., but that's changing. Across the country, coal power plants are being replaced with generators that run on cleaner burning natural gas.

Major Producers Work On Agreement To Freeze Oil Production

The price of oil is up on news that four major producers are talking about freezing production at January levels. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela and Qatar want to limit production to see if they can put a floor under oil prices and maybe move them up. But they will need cooperation from Iran and Iraq, which will be hard to achieve.
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Henry Petroski: "The Road Taken"

America’s transportation infrastructure is crumbling. One engineer and historian says the economic health of our country is in grave danger unless we take action. The history and future of our roads and bridges.


WATCH: Massive Gas Leak At Porter Ranch Slows To A Stop

The California Air Resources Board was recording with an infrared camera as the methane leak on the outskirts of LA was finally controlled Thursday. The leak still needs to be permanently capped.

Massive Gas Leak In Los Angeles Temporarily Plugged After Nearly 4 Months

Crews are working to permanently plug the methane gas leak that has forced hundreds from their homes in the Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles. Southern California Gas Company says the leak was temporarily fixed Thursday, after nearly four months of spewing methane into the air.

North Dakota Residents Weather Downturn In Commodity Prices

North Dakota's fortunes have taken an abrupt turn for the worse. The state was recently a destination for thousands of people seeking a better life and high paying jobs in the Bakken oil field. But oil prices have fallen nearly 70 percent, along with agriculture prices. NPR reports on how residents are handling the sudden downturn.

Saudi Arabia Turns To Plan B As Low Oil Prices Rattle Economy

Planet Money tries to find out how low oil prices will change Saudi Arabia economically and culturally.