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How Solar Power Has Gotten So Cheap, So Fast

Solar power has long been seen as something that's coming in the future — a promising technology that's just too expensive for widespread use. In the past few years, that has started to change.

In Jamaica, Obama Announces Plan To Diversify Caribbean Energy

President Obama is in Jamaica, where the U.S. is trying to gain influence in the region by using a powerful tool — energy.
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Compromise On Fracking Appears To Be Settled In Maryland Legislature

Versions of a two-year delay on permits for hydraulic fracturing in parts of western Maryland have passed in each side of the General Assembly.


Obama To Address Caribbean's 'Economic Achilles Heel' — Energy

The president meets with Caribbean leaders in Jamaica Thursday — and a looming energy crunch in the region is high on the list.

Shell's Big Deal Could Shift Global Landscape Of Gas Business

Royal Dutch Shell plans to spend nearly $70 billion to acquire natural gas giant BG Group. The deal, if approved, would create the world's largest independent producer of liquefied natural gas.

Royal Dutch Shell's $70 Billion Deal For BG Would Create Gas Giant

The deal would put Shell on track to surpass ExxonMobil as the world's largest publicly traded oil and gas company. It comes as global oil prices have dropped sharply.
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Eastern Shore Wind Farm Scrapped Amid Political Opposition

Pioneer Green Energy says its decision hold off on the wind project is based on opposition from state and federal lawmakers

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Widespread Power Outage In D.C. Affects White House, Metro, Museums

A large swath of Washington D.C. was without power Tuesday afternoon, affecting everything from Metro stations and museums to the White House and State Department buildings.


LHC, Which Confirmed The Higgs, Goes Back Online After 2-Year Hiatus

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland, underwent a number of upgrades, including a doubling of the energy with which it can smash protons together.

Major Power Outage Darkens Dozens Of Cities In Turkey

The outage halted public transportation and shuttered business across much of Turkey. An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the country's blackout, the biggest in 15 years.