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Small, Surprising Dip In World's Carbon Emissions Traced To China

Climate scientists say global emissions of carbon dioxide seem to have dipped a bit in 2015, though the world economy is still growing. China's reduced use of coal may be the main reason.

Falling Oil Prices Hit Levels Not Seen Since 2009

OPEC's failure to agree on production cuts last Friday has sent prices down further.

Is This Congressman's 'Oversight' An Effort To Hobble Climate Science?

Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas is formally investigating a recent study on global warming. Smith calls the timing of the study's publication "suspicious," but many scientists call his tactics "bullying."

Oklahoma Oil Workers Worry About Industry-Linked Earthquakes

New research raises alarms about quakes near Cushing, Okla., home to the country's largest oil hub. No damage has been reported, but operators at the hub are on alert.

As Saudi Arabia Battles Its Oil Rivals, Prices Are Expected To Stay Low

The Saudis could push up world oil prices by cutting their production. But they seem to feel that would mostly help their rivals, like Iran and Russia. So the Saudis are expected to keep pumping away.

Federal Jury Hands Down Rare Conviction For Coal Executive

A federal jury has convicted former Massy Energy CEO Don Blankenship for conspiring to willfully violate mine safety standards at the site of a 2010 explosion that killed 29 people.

Former Coal CEO Blankenship Found Guilty Of Conspiracy In Mine Disaster Case

Former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship was acquitted of two other counts, meaning he'll face far less than the potential 30-year prison sentence prosecutors had sought.
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Regulators Grill Pepco And Exelon Execs Over Proposed Merger

The fate of the $7 billion merger between Pepco and Exelon likely hinges on what officials tell the D.C. Public Service Commission during this week's hearings.

How Obama Hopes To Achieve U.S. Climate Goals

Past U.S. leaders tried to commit the nation via treaty to steep cutbacks in greenhouse gases. But without congressional support, those pledges fizzled. President Obama is trying regulation, instead.

IAEA Report Reveals Iran Once Had Nuclear Weapons Program

The International Atomic Energy Agency's latest report on Iran concludes that it once had a nuclear weapons program. NPR explores the implications of the findings for the current nuclear deal with Iran.