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Oil, Gas Drilling Seems To Make The Earth Slip And Go Boom

People who have never experienced earthquakes are starting to feel rumbles, which scientists say may be linked to the rise in oil and gas activity. Along with the quakes are shockingly loud noises that can put residents on edge.

Blowing Away The Limits Of Convention

A Tunisian inventor has come up with a new design for wind turbines that may be cheaper and more efficient than current models. has this and more stories about moving beyond expectations, from HBO's True Detective to smart technology that's making us better tippers.
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Power Africa: Bridging Access To Electricity

Nearly two-thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa does not have access to electricity, and service is often unreliable for those who do. As more companies look at locating in these developing countries, we consider the value of U.S. infrastructure investments.


Oil Train Derailments Spur Calls For Safety Measures

Roughly a million barrels of oil are being drilled from the North Dakota plains every day. Tens of millions of dollars have been put toward infrastructure for transporting that oil out of state, but recent derailments and explosions involving oil tanker trains are prompting calls for a slow-down.

How The U.S. Oil Boom Is Changing The Industry's Landscape

There is an oil rush in North Dakota right now. The state is pumping out 10 times the crude oil it did a decade ago. Fortunes are being made, and once-sleepy towns are now bursting at the seams.

'A Global Bathtub': Rethinking The U.S. Oil Export Ban

Amid rising production, U.S. oil companies say Congress should end a 1970s-era ban on oil exports. Some energy analysts agree, saying the way we visualize the global marketplace as a sort of chess game is holding us back. They say it's time for a new image: a bathtub.

State Dept. Delivers Unwelcome News For Keystone Opponents

The department's final environmental assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline found that blocking the project probably wouldn't stop the development of Canada's tar sands. But the review didn't endorse the pipeline either. Secretary Kerry — and, ultimately, President Obama — will have the final say.

Commuting To Distant Oil Fields: Good Money, At A Price

With thousands of oil-related jobs in western North Dakota, some of the region's new workers are putting down roots. But many more commute from states where jobs are hard to come by — and that can mean being separated from spouses and children for weeks at a time.

One Montana Town Finds Itself Buckling Beneath The Oil Boom

Oil development is significantly straining communities across the Great Plains. In small Sidney, Mont., a steady stream of big rigs pounds the streets as a rapidly increasing population stretches the town's sewer system to its limit. As Dan Boyce reports, the mayor says the town has nowhere near enough money to pay for all of its infrastructure needs.

Much Of North Dakota's Natural Gas Is Going Up In Flames

Drillers pumping oil on the Great Plains are also producing a lot of natural gas. But the state doesn't have the infrastructure to transport or store it, so much of that gas isn't being sold — it's being set on fire.