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Dispute And Suspicion Swirl About Iranian Water Reactor

At issue in Iran nuclear talks is a heavy water reactor the country is building. Iran says it wants the reactor for medical research, but the West is worried that such reactors can produce plutonium.

For The Poor, Warmth In The Winter Comes At A Steep Price

Record-cold temperatures in Knoxville, Tenn., have brought with them high utility bills, squeezing wallets. And while there are some assistance programs, there's not enough money to go around.

Philadelphia Capitalizes On Energy Boom

Trains bringing crude oil from North Dakota have revived the city's refineries. Businesses are eager to tap into Pennsylvania's vast supply of natural gas.

Three Years From Meltdown, Japanese Nuclear Plant Still Struggles

In the time since the meltdown at Fukushima's nuclear plant, there have been other mishaps. A recent tour of the reactor reveals that the facility's dogged by both technical problems and labor issues.

Norway Takes The Lead In Electric Cars (With Generous Subsidies)

Next month Norway is expected to become the first country where 1 percent of the cars are electric. Most Norwegians are supportive, but it's taken large financial incentives to reach this level.

Behind Ukraine's Political Strife: One Big Utility Bill

Ukraine pays most of its citizens' gas bills. That's become hugely expensive for the government — and it's central to the country's conflict with Russia.

Concerns About Russia Fuel New Calls For Gas Exports

Russia is the world's top natural gas exporter, but the U.S. is the top producer. Jason Bordoff, director of the Center on Global Energy Policy, explains efforts to get American gas to Europe.

Seeking Energy Independence, Europe Faces Heated Fracking Debate

To stay competitive, Europeans need cheaper natural gas but they also need to be less dependent upon Russia. They're looking at fracking as a solution, but opponents have environmental concerns.

Automakers Eye Laser Lights To Let Drivers See Farther At Night

BMW has started making a car with optional laser headlights, which are brighter and more energy-efficient than even LED lights. Laser technology could also end up in street lights and projectors.

13 Workers Exposed To Radiation At N.M. Nuclear Waste Dump

An accident at the site appears to be more serious than first disclosed. Nobody knows what happened, but it's shaping up to be a major setback for the nation's only dedicated nuclear waste dump.