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Drilling For Oil, Based On The Bible: Do Oil And Religion Mix?

The born-again head of Zion Oil believes the Old Testament and an office full of geologists will lead him to oil deposits in Israel. So far, the company has spent $130 million and only hit dry holes.

Israel Dreams Of A Future As An Oil Producer

The country began pumping natural gas from its first major offshore field earlier this year. There are also hopes that Israel may have significant oil reserves, though there are hurdles, both technical and political.

Colo. Fracking Votes Put Pressure On Energy Companies

Voters in three Colorado communities passed measures this month limiting the practice of hydraulic fracturing. A close vote in a fourth community means a recount next week. Companies say the measures are creating an uncertain business environment.

U.S. May Be Producing 50 Percent More Methane Than EPA Thinks

Previous estimates of the climate-warming gas were based on the rough number of methane-emitting sources on the ground — such as factories, refineries, stoves, swamps, landfills and cattle herds. But by directly measuring levels of methane in the air instead, a new study puts the total much higher.
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Southwestern Virginia Feeling Impact From Coal Regulations

Advocates for the use of coal are warning the shifting energy economy in the southwestern part of Virginia could ripple across the rest of the Commonwealth.

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Dominion Power Gets Approval To Lower Rates

Citing lower costs for generating power, Dominion Power has announced that residential customers will see their bills trimmed starting next month.


Oil Industry And Others Cheer EPA's Ethanol Proposal

The EPA's decision not to force oil companies to replace E10, gasoline mixed with 10 percent ethanol, with E15, had a big impact on a lot of businesses. For manufacturers of motorcycles, motor boats and outdoor power equipment, it was good news. But for gas station owners who invested in expensive blender pumps, the decision hurt.

California, Colorado Consider Tough Oil And Gas Regulations

Colorado and California both just proposed new regulations for oil and gas production in their states. Both states have been pushed by environmental concerns to establish rules tougher than federal requirements. If Colorado's proposal goes ahead, it would be the first state in the nation to directly regulate methane. California also says its proposed rule would be the toughest in the nation. It regulates the engineering technique called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Damaged Fuel Rods Removed At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant successfully removed some radioactive fuel from one of the damaged reactors on Monday. It's an important first step, but there's a long way to go before the situation at the plant can be said to be completely under control

First Fuel Rods Plucked From Tsunami-Damaged Fukushima Plant

Workers at the Japanese nuclear plant begin a delicate yearlong operation to remove radioactive material from the first of several crippled reactors.