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Ex-BP Engineer Found Guilty Of Obstructing Justice

Kurt Mix was convicted for deleting text messages that had information about the worst offshore oil spill in the nation's history. That hindered a grand jury's investigation, prosecutors argued. He had been a drilling engineer with BP.

Environmentalists Split Over Need For Nuclear Power

One former anti-nuke activist says the world can't afford to dismiss nuclear power, if we're to rein in global warming. Nuclear plants provide a more reliable energy supply than wind or solar, he says, and without the high carbon emissions that fossil fuels produce.

Big Batteries Needed To Make Fickle Wind And Solar Power Work

California plans to get 33 percent of its electricity from wind and solar power by 2020. But that will only work if the state can economically store some of the energy for release on cloudy, windless days.

Megatons To Megawatts: Russian Warheads Fuel U.S. Power Plants

Once the Cold War ended, much of Russia's surplus uranium from thousands of decommissioned weapons wound up in crumbling military facilities. In 1993, the U.S. Department of Energy made a deal to have the material converted to fuel for U.S. power plants. The last shipment arrives today.
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Fracking Spurs Natural Gas Boom

Power plants that burn natural gas instead of coal emit less greenhouse gas pollution, but the country's natural gas surplus could also be creating a boom in related, high-polluting industries.


The World's Largest Vessel Enters The Water In South Korea

Shell's new vessel is so large that if you stood it up, it would be taller than the Empire State Building. It will be anchored 300 miles off the coast of Australia to handle liquefied natural gas.

Obama Tells Government To Ramp Up Its Renewable Energy Use

Under the new plan, each federal agency would have until 2020 to get 20 percent of its power from renewable sources such as solar and wind.
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Pepco Puts In Request For Another Rate Increase

Maryland residents may see another increase in their energy bills in the future, after Pepco submitted a request for a rate increase to pay for infrastructure upgrades.


Slashing Fossil Fuel Consumption Comes With A Price

The U.S. aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent by 2050. Wind and solar power can help. But folks doing the math say other pricey, controversial technologies — such as burying carbon gas underground, and expanding nuclear power — are also likely to be part of a low-carbon future.

Tech Leaders, Economists Split Over Clean Energy's Prospects

Renewable energy has become a $220 billion a year industry. But to significantly slow climate change, the power of wind, solar and other renewable sources must vastly expand. Some say the tech breakthroughs needed are on the horizon, though a top economist sees a tougher road ahead.