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Iran Ratchets Up Tension, Threatens To Cut Oil Route

The country's top admiral says his forces can easily close the strategic Strait of Hormuz, where up to 20 percent of the world's oil flows. In response, the U.S. warns that any disruption at the strait "will not be tolerated." And a Saudi official says Gulf Arab nations are ready to offset any loss of Iranian crude.

As Nuclear Plants Age, No Easy Energy Solutions

Nuclear power generates 20 percent of electricity in the U.S., but the nation's reactors are aging — and new plants are expensive and take years to build. Gas, coal, wind and solar are potential alternatives, but all have environmental or logistical drawbacks.
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U.S. Treasury Earns LEED Certification

The federal building in charge of green is going green. The U.S. Treasury Building has been awarded LEED certification.

After Fukushima: A Changing Climate For Nuclear

Nuclear power had enjoyed 25 years of relative quiet, but the Fukushima accident reminded people that despite improvements in safety, things can still go horribly wrong. The accident is unlikely to affect U.S. nuclear policy, experts say, but countries like Germany and Japan are looking to alternatives.

Future Dim For 100-Watt Bulb, Despite Congress' Stall

Congress recently prevented the Energy Department from spending money to enforce a planned phase-out of energy-wasting 100-watt incandescent light bulbs. Conservatives saw getting rid of the bulbs as limiting Americans' choices. But the industry says it's really too late to make a difference.
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Pepco Fined $1M By Maryland PSC

Pepco has been fined $1 million by a Maryland regulator for its reliability issues; the company says will not appeal the decision.

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Maryland Prison To Get Energy From Chicken Waste

A prison in Maryland hopes to eventually get a third of its energy from chicken waste.