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Dominion To Make Bid For Wind Power Sites Off Maryland Coast

Dominion Power has their sights set on 80,000 acres off the coast of Maryland with wind power potential.


Shiny And New: World's Largest Solar Plant Opens In Nevada

The $2.2 billion, 400-megawatt Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System will provide electricity to 140,000 homes.

Risky Tech Fixes For Climate Becoming Likelier, Critic Warns

As time runs out to put the brakes on global warming, world leaders seem loath to reduce gas emissions, because it's politically hard, says social scientist Clive Hamilton. Instead, he worries, we'll try to engineer the atmosphere — a tech fix that sounds quicker and simpler – but is fraught with risk.

Scientists Say Their Giant Laser Has Produced Nuclear Fusion

Researchers from California's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory say they've figured out how to get their laser to squeeze hydrogen atoms together to make helium atoms, releasing energy in the process. It's an important step in the decades-long quest for fusion energy.

Economist Says Best Climate Fix A Tough Sell, But Worth It

Yale's William Nordhaus has been running the numbers on Earth's climate troubles. He says charging a fair price for any dumping of carbon dioxide into the air is a cost-effective solution. But at least half the planet must cooperate, his math suggests, or it will be all pain, no gain.

Pipeline Regulators Move To Ease Propane Distribution Issue

A propane shortage in the Midwest and Northeast has prompted federal regulators to order a pipeline company to stop shipping one product and switch to propane. A cold winter, combined with a late harvest season, prompted the shortage initially. The propane industry has been scrambling since then to get gas to customers who need it.

Oil, Gas Drilling Seems To Make The Earth Slip And Go Boom

People who have never experienced earthquakes are starting to feel rumbles, which scientists say may be linked to the rise in oil and gas activity. Along with the quakes are shockingly loud noises that can put residents on edge.

Blowing Away The Limits Of Convention

A Tunisian inventor has come up with a new design for wind turbines that may be cheaper and more efficient than current models. has this and more stories about moving beyond expectations, from HBO's True Detective to smart technology that's making us better tippers.
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Power Africa: Bridging Access To Electricity

Nearly two-thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa does not have access to electricity, and service is often unreliable for those who do. As more companies look at locating in these developing countries, we consider the value of U.S. infrastructure investments.


Oil Train Derailments Spur Calls For Safety Measures

Roughly a million barrels of oil are being drilled from the North Dakota plains every day. Tens of millions of dollars have been put toward infrastructure for transporting that oil out of state, but recent derailments and explosions involving oil tanker trains are prompting calls for a slow-down.