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Cold Temperatures Boost Demand For Natural Gas

Prices for natural gas are rising again with much of the nation experiencing cold weather. In Ohio, utilities are asking customers to turn down thermostats to make sure there's enough gas for everyone.

On The Plains, The Rush For Oil Has Changed Everything

Rough-and-tumble towns have popped up in areas once dominated by sleepy farming hamlets. Black gold has brought big-money jobs, but housing is expensive, crime has spiked, and water is running out.
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Federal Inspectors Review Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Shutdown

The winter storm last week caused a shutdown at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Maryland, prompting NRC officials to investigate the specific causes and effects.


String Of Oil Train Crashes Prompts Push For Safety Rules

The National Transportation Safety Board is calling for the swift enactment of tough new standards on trains carrying crude oil. With the huge increase in oil shipped by rail across North America, safety officials warn another major disaster could be looming.

Texas Landowners Keep Watchful Eye On Keystone KL Pipeline

Oil is now running through the southern part of the keystone XL pipeline. Supporters and opponents will be watching carefully to see what that could mean for the northern section of the project, that still awaits approval from the Obama administration.

Punishing Winter Temperatures Drain Propane Supplies

The latest winter storm and freezing temperatures are straining already low supplies of propane in the Midwest and Northeast. Millions of Americans use the liquefied gas to heat their homes.

Nuclear Inspectors Enter Iran, With Eyes Peeled For Cheating

This week in Iran, international inspectors are stepping up surveillance of the country's nuclear program. The inspections are at the heart of a landmark deal that freezes Iran's uranium enrichment in exchange for billions of dollars in relief from sanctions, but they are just a first step.

U.S., EU Lift Some Iran Sanctions After Assurances On Uranium

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency report that Tehran has halted the highest level of uranium enrichment, a key part of the sanctions deal reached earlier this month.

Detroit Touts Clean, Efficient Diesels, But America Isn't Sold

Hybrids and battery-powered cars are all the rage, but some car companies are investing in an older technology: diesel. The newest vehicles are cleaner and more powerful, and some drivers report getting up to 50 mpg. So what's keeping U.S. customers from switching pumps?
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Fracking Opponents Renew Call For Moratorium In Maryland

Parts of western Maryland lie on top of shale and could produce natural gas using the controversial fracking technique, but opponents want more time to study the potential downsides.