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After Fukushima: A Changing Climate For Nuclear

Nuclear power had enjoyed 25 years of relative quiet, but the Fukushima accident reminded people that despite improvements in safety, things can still go horribly wrong. The accident is unlikely to affect U.S. nuclear policy, experts say, but countries like Germany and Japan are looking to alternatives.

Future Dim For 100-Watt Bulb, Despite Congress' Stall

Congress recently prevented the Energy Department from spending money to enforce a planned phase-out of energy-wasting 100-watt incandescent light bulbs. Conservatives saw getting rid of the bulbs as limiting Americans' choices. But the industry says it's really too late to make a difference.
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Pepco Fined $1M By Maryland PSC

Pepco has been fined $1 million by a Maryland regulator for its reliability issues; the company says will not appeal the decision.

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Maryland Prison To Get Energy From Chicken Waste

A prison in Maryland hopes to eventually get a third of its energy from chicken waste. 


Home Depot Shines A Light On Bulb Choices

Most incandescent light bulbs were supposed to be phased out starting Jan. 1. But tucked inside the House's omnibus spending bill, there's a provision barring the Energy Department from enforcing more energy-efficient standards for light bulbs. For those who still want them, there are increasing options for efficient bulbs. Renee Montagne talks to Bill Hamilton, merchandising vice president of electrical at Home Depot, which sells about a third of all light bulbs in the U.S.

New Iran Sanctions, And Fears They Could Backfire

Congress has voted in favor of sanctions on Iran's Central Bank — which is intended to make it harder for Iran to sell its oil. But the move could have the unintended result of reducing the oil supply, thus driving up the price Iran would receive for oil it does sell.
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O'Malley Now Backs Exelon-Constellation Merger

The proposed merger of Exelon Corporation with Constellation Energy has finally gotten the thumbs up from Maryland governor Martin O'Malley, after he extracted a promise of more than one billion dollars in investments.
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Offshore Wind Company Pulls Out Of Delaware Project

The developer of an offshore wind farm in Delaware is pulling out of the project, citing market pressures.