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What's Going Wrong With China's Solar Industry?

Steve Inskeep talks to Beijing-based economist Patrick Chovanec about too many subsidies in China's solar energy industry. It is resulting in money-losing companies. One company, Suntech, could soon be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange because it is performing poorly.
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Research Points To Benefits In Uranium Mining For Virginia County

A George Mason University study shows Pittsylvania County would benefit economically from a proposed uranium mining operation.


Candidates Tout Different Routes To 'Energy Security'

Mitt Romney has stressed ways of further increasing domestic production, while the president says better gas mileage and lowering consumption are important as well.
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Virginia Holds Tax-Free Holiday On Energy Efficient Products

Virginia is offering a tax holiday for certain energy efficient products and appliances starting Oct. 5.

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Burn: The Power Of One, Part 2: Power and Politics Of New Energy Frontiers

This hour, we'll hear stories about the next frontiers of energy development and the fields of exploration that may help the U.S. to produce more energy at home.
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Burn: The Power Of One, Part 1: Election And America's Energy Future

In this hour of BURN, host Alex Chadwick goes to the swing state of Pennsylvania to examine fracking, the politically volatile exploration technology that has made natural gas the single most important element remaking our energy economy.

This special two-hour edition of BURN will feature stories about how the power of one person can affect the nation's search for greater energy independence.
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Governor Wants Virginia To Be An 'Energy Capital'

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell hosted his annual Conference on Energy this week, touting the commonwealth's potential as the "energy capital of the East Coast." 

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Montgomery County Public Power Support Growing

A growing number of people are seeking to create a publicly owned power utility for Montgomery County, but getting state approval may be tough.