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Republican National Convention: Analysis Of Trump's Plans For The Economy And Creating Jobs

Speakers at the Republican National Convention address jobs and the economy. A convention update and analysis of Donald Trump's economic plans and how his own successes and failures as a businessman could shape voter opinion.


Meet Mike Pence, 'Midwestern Polite' With An Unrelenting Conservative Message

In choosing Pence, who addresses the Republican Convention on Wednesday, as his running mate, Donald Trump has reassured both establishment Republicans and social conservatives.

What Did Mike Pence Do For Indiana Schools As Governor? Here's A Look

Donald Trump has said: "Got to get rid of Common Core — fast." And a couple of years ago, it seemed Pence would be a trailblazer in doing that at the state level. It didn't totally turn out that way.

Random Thoughts On A Rather Random Session Of The Trumpified Convention

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got the arena rocking with a mock trial of Hillary Clinton that made the crowd "a jury of her peers." Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany Trump also spoke.

Selling Merchandise Outside Of RNC, Politics Come Second

People drove from across the country to Cleveland to hawk their wares to the throngs who've come to the Republican National Convention.

Speakers Hammer Clinton On Night 2 Of Republican Convention

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie led a call-and-response indictment of the Democrat's record; other GOP leaders said little about their party's nominee. But Trump's kids brought the focus back to Dad.

Donald Trump Officially Wins GOP Nomination

Trump is now the Republican Party's nominee for president after the votes of the delegates were counted at the GOP Convention in Cleveland.

GOP Delegates Begin Roll Call Vote To Officially Nominate Donald Trump

A roll call vote of states is underway at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to officially name the GOP nominee. After a dramatic primary season, the party will formally nominate Trump.

Nomination Process Underway At GOP Convention In Cleveland

Delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland begin the nomination process to officially name Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president.

Republicans Officially Nominate Donald Trump For President

Trump's son, Donald Jr., cast his state's 89 delegates for his father as the Quicken Loans Arena erupted in cheers and the convention band began playing "New York, New York."