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Voters Don't See Trump As Religious, But They Also Don't Seem To Care

The findings of two recent surveys call into question a long-standing principle of U.S. politics — that voters prefer candidates with strong faith beliefs.

Veterans Criticize Empty Pledges Of Support By Republican Candidates

NPR's Audie Cornish talks to Tim Hsia, an Army veteran and co-founder of Service 2 School, who says the candidates are using veterans for political gain without substantively addressing the issues.

GOP Presidential Candidates To Hold Final Debate Before Iowa Caucuses

The Republican presidential candidates meet in Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday night for their final debate before the Iowa caucuses. Donald Trump will not be there, amid a feud with debate host Fox News.

Sanders' Health Is 'Very Good,' Doctor Says

If elected, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders would be the oldest president ever. His campaign has released a physician's letter that says the 74-year-old is "in very good health."
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Who's Likely To Vote In Upcoming Presidential Primaries And Why It Matters

Voter turnout in primaries and caucuses is typically low — but this time may be different. Several candidates are counting on the motivation of nontraditional primary voters. We discuss who's likely to vote in the early contests and why it matters.


The Last Candidate To Skip The Final Iowa Debate? Ronald Reagan

Television debates have been a mainstay in presidential campaigns since 1976. Now, the GOP presidential front-runner is taking a big gamble just days before the Iowa caucuses.

Donald Trump To Skip Fox News Debate Over Megyn Kelly Spat

Donald Trump's stormy relationship with the Fox News Channel took a new turn with The Donald's announcement that he won't participate in the network's GOP debate on Thursday.

Donald Trump Refuses To Attend Debate Less Than A Week Before Iowa

Drama, conflict and uncertainty about how it will all end. That's the state of the presidential race, five days before the first votes are cast in Iowa.

Idealism Vs. Pragmatism: How Style Divides The Democratic Candidates

There are policy differences between the two leading Democratic presidential candidates, but those differences are small compared to the gap in style and tone.

After Praising Clinton, Obama Holds 'Informal' Meeting With Bernie Sanders

President Obama had what the White House described as an "informal" meeting with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. It comes on the heels of Obama lavishing praise on Sanders' opponent Hillary Clinton.