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Romney's Line That He's 'Not Concerned About Very Poor' Will Linger

Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, his comment fits a growing narrative that he's wealthy and out of touch. If he wins the GOP nomination, it's a safe $10,000 bet that it will figure in Democratic ads this fall.

Why Millions of Americans Have No Government ID

Several states have tightened voting requirements, making it mandatory to show a form of government-issued photo ID before casting a ballot. But millions of Americans don't have a government ID. Host Michel Martin talks with NPR's Corey Dade about who is least likely to have one and why.

Romney Rivals Are In It For The Long Haul

Florida primary voters handed Mitt Romney a resounding victory on Tuesday. But other GOP candidates declared that they are staying in the race. And President Obama has been busy raising money and trying to energize his base. Host Michel Martin talks about the latest election news with politicos Corey Ealons and Mario Loyola.

After Mitt Romney's Decisive Victory, What Will Newt Gingrich Do?

Though Gingrich vowed to take the campaign into the summer, analysts say after his Florida loss, he might have to recalibrate.