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Advertising War Heats Up Before Mich. Primary

Michigan's primary isn't until Feb. 28, but Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney — as well as a superPAC supporting Romney — have taken to the airwaves with a mix of positive and negative advertising.

As GOP Race Shifts, SuperPAC Mega-Donors Weigh Next Moves

The SuperPAC supporting Rick Santorum has a mega-donor of its own who says he is in it for the long haul — opening up a race for which superPAC can receive the most help from wealthy donors.

Why Romney's Shaggy Dog Story Won't Die

Will the tale about Mitt Romney strapping the family Irish setter to the roof of his car actually hurt him with voters?

How Santorum's Surge Is Changing The 2012 Race

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum swept caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado and the Missouri primary, gaining considerable ground on Mitt Romney's primary lead. NPR's Ken Rudin and Dan Balz, of the Washington Post, recap the week in politics.

Election-Year Realities Bring Compromise On Payroll Taxes And More

There'll still be plenty of disagreements. Compromise seems next to impossible on Democratic proposals to raise taxes on the wealthy, for instance. But the congressional Republican leaders are clearly becoming more selective on where they draw the line.

Why America Pursues More Perfect Politics

We're a nation in search of the perfect birth, martini, pizza, golf swing, job, dress and financial plan. How do we square the American quest for flawlessness with quirky caucuses and wacky candidate selection?