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Undecided In Iowa: Potential Caucus-Goers Doing Serious Work Before Tuesday

Republican voters — especially the undecided ones we've been seeking out — are dead serious, not easily moved to applause, and pressing for answers as thoughtful as their questions, and signs they've found a candidate they believe can lead — and can win next fall.

At Romney Rally, Iowa's Moderate GOP 'Silent Majority' Voters Start Talking

While many see the state's Republican Party base trending more toward the evangelical Christian and Tea Party right, several of those attending these Romney events want the rest of the country to know there still is a strong moderate base in the Iowa GOP, especially in Eastern Iowa.

Will Ron Paul's Past Cost Him In Iowa?

Republican presidential hopefuls are in the final days of campaigning ahead of the Iowa caucuses. Host Michel Martin explores the latest developments in the contest with Kevin Williamson, deputy managing editor of The National Review, and Michael Fauntroy, associate professor of public policy at George Mason University.

Across Iowa, Gingrich Highlights His Experience As Poll Numbers Slip

At every stop in Iowa, former House speaker Newt Gingrich touts his experience. He calls himself a "supply-side conservative" who worked with Ronald Reagan in the 80's and again as House speaker in the 90's to revive the economy. But poll numbers show his strategy may not be working.

Romney Rolling In Iowa, With Large Crowds And Growing Optimism

No matter which direction he goes in Iowa today, the former Massachusetts governor will seem to have the wind at his back. A new Time/CNN poll of likely Iowa caucus-goers puts Mitt Romney in the lead, and campaign staffers expect big crowds again at Romney events, similar to what he saw yesterday.

Gingrich Ups Romney At Iowa Chocolate Factory

After Gingrich failed to qualify for the Virginia primary ballot, Mitt Romney compared Gingrich's disorganized campaign to a well-known I Love Lucy episode. Gingrich stopped at an Iowa chocolate store Wednesday but things didn't get out of hand like they did in the TV show. Instead, Gingrich challenged Romney again to a series of one-on-one debates.