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Santorum Strikes A Chord With Evangelicals

More than 150 conservative Christian leaders spent the weekend in Texas meeting about the presidential race and the possibility of coalescing around one Republican candidate. In the end, they rallied for Rick Santorum. Host Rachel Martin talks to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council about the decision.

GOP Candidates Settle Into South Carolina

This week brought a change of scenery for Republican presidential candidates from New Hampshire to South Carolina, where voters will cast ballots on Saturday. Host Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Mara Liasson about the political state of the play in the GOP nominating contest.

America's Heartland Awaits Its Candidate

In this election year, an emerging theme coming from voters around the country is frustration with the tone of politics today. Watching Washington from afar, voters in Jackson County, Ind., are wondering who will look out for rural America.

Aiming To Show Strength, Evangelicals May Achieve Opposite

In a gathering in Texas this weekend, evangelical Christian leaders and activists threw their collective weight behind presidential hopeful Rick Santorum. Instead of demonstrating their power, though, the 11th-hour endorsement may well be a revelation of their weakness as a force within the GOP.

In S.C. GOP Forum, Romney Gets Implicit Jabs

Candidates were explicitly prohibited from even mentioning each other during the presidential forum Saturday. Still, going into the last week of campaigning in South Carolina, most found ways to get in a hit without naming their rivals. Front-runner Mitt Romney was the biggest target.