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'Sugar Daddies' And Debates Changing All The Rules

Before setting foot in Michigan, Rick Santorum was leading in GOP polls there. It's the clearest illustration yet that the traditional rules that determine primary winners have been upended by factors that are new this time around, such as superPACs and the proliferation of candidate debates.

Some Friday Political Stories Worth Noting

A roundup of some of Friday's political stories.

Santorum, Romney Step Up Campaign In Michigan

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum criss-cross Michigan to woo GOP voters ahead of the Feb. 28 primary.

'Core Values' Help Santorum In Michigan Polls

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is leading Michigan-native Mitt Romney in polling ahead of the state's Feb. 28 primary. At stops in Michigan on Thursday, Santorum spoke of economic rival through lower taxes, fewer regulations and commitment to conservative family values.

Car Bailout Position May Hurt Romney In Michigan

Symbolically speaking, this month's Michigan's primary may be the most important of the GOP presidential race to date. It's the state where Mitt Romney grew up, and his father was a beloved government and business leader. And now, Romney seems to have a real chance of losing the state to Rick Santorum.

White House And SuperPAC: How Close Is Too Close?

White House officials and Cabinet secretaries will soon be helping to raise money for a pro-Obama superPAC, Priorities USA Action. The superPAC says it's being careful to stay within the rules, but some argue that it shouldn't be happening at all.