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Romney To Highlight Olympic 'Rescue' At 10th Anniversary Of Salt Lake Games

The campaign of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney helped pen the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation news release about the February event.

The Baffling, Befuddling Primary Season

As the nomination process moves forward and the field of Republican candidates gets smaller and smaller, it is harder and harder to know just who is in the lead.

Republicans Fight For The Latino Vote

More than 4.2 million Latinos live in the Sunshine State, and that population is in the spotlight as Republican presidential candidates battle to win Florida's upcoming primary. Host Michel Martin discusses this crucial voting bloc with Gary Segura of Latino Decisions, and the Associated Press's Hispanic Affairs reporter Laura Wides-Munoz.

Could The Crowd At The Final GOP Debate Make The Difference In Florida Vote?

At Thursday night's debate in Florida, the audience will be allowed to applaud, cheer or boo. That could give former House Speaker Newt Gingrich an edge.