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Perry Sees 'No Viable Path Forward': The Fall Of A Once Promising Front-Runner

Rick Perry garnered instant front-runner status in some polls when he joined the GOP presidential race. But he slid to the back of the pack after embarrassing debate performances. All along, his bid for the nomination seemed outsize. So, too, were the expectations, which ended Thursday.

Has Political Mud-Slinging Reached New Heights?

As South Carolina gears up for this weekend's primary, hopefuls are spending millions on ads slamming the president and each other. Host Michel Martin speaks to NPR's Ron Elving and Rosemarie Ostler, author of the book "Slinging Mud," about how ads today fit into America's colorful history of political attack campaigns.

GOP Presidential Race: Perry's Status, Iowa Results

There are reports Thursday that Texas Gov. Rick Perry will leave the GOP presidential race, and Iowa officials announced final results of the state's Republican presidential nominating caucuses held earlier this month.

Iowa 'Split Decision' Ominous Sign For Romney As Gingrich Gains Ground

Declaring a virtual tie in the Iowa caucuses might not help Rick Santorum, but it could hurt Mitt Romney. Still, his closest rival in South Carolina — Newt Gingrich — faces new troubles of his own.