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This Time, South Carolina GOP Bets Its Winning Streak On A Long Shot

It may have been the rudest gesture South Carolina has shown the national GOP since Fort Sumter.

Herman Cain Gets 'A Colbert Bump' In South Carolina

Could Herman Cain's one percent of the South Carolina vote be thanks to a late-breaking endorsement by Comedy Central comedian Stephen Colbert?

Candidates Congratulate Gingrich And Vow To Continue Nomination Fight

With South Carolina's primary now part of history, the candidates addressed supporters and looked toward the next primary battle. Watch their speeches via PBS NewsHour.

On Primary Day In South Carolina, Even Weddings Get Political

In South Carolina one wedding party found a political backdrop for their big day.

Gingrich's Upset Victory In S.C. Upends GOP Race

Newt Gingrich has beaten Mitt Romney in South Carolina. The question now becomes whether he can pull off that trick enough times in enough states to deny Romney the Republican presidential nomination.


'Dirty' Politics As Usual In South?

It's been said that if a candidate wins the South Carolina primary, he wins the party's nomination. But winning the state's vote sometimes means getting dirty.