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Poll: Cain And Perry Tied In Texas

In what may be the most impressive and surprising sign of the Herman Cain phenomenon yet, the Republican presidential candidate was essentially tied with native son Gov. Rick Perry in Texas, of all places.

Herman Cain's Long Odds Get Lengthier After Sex Harassment Report

Obviously, we can't know now how this will all play out. There's evidence some conservatives are rallying around him, seeing the revelation as a dirty trick by liberals. Some see similarities to sexual harassment bomb that went off during the Senate confirmation hearings for Justice Clarence ThomasBut there's also the suspicion that Cain is on the receiving end of oppo research by one of his rival Republican candidates.

Politico Reporter On Cain's Alleged Misconduct

Steve Inskeep speaks with reporter Jonathan Martin of Politico. The publication is reporting that presidential candidate Herman Cain was accused of inappropriate behavior by two female colleagues while he was head of the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s. The women later left the organization and are said to have received five-figure payouts and signed nondisclosure agreements about the incident.

Black, Latino Shifts In Chicago Lead To Map Flap

It's map-drawing time as cities and states create new political districts. In Chicago, where blacks left in droves during the past decade and the Latino population rose, city leaders are redrawing the boundaries of the 50 wards. What's at stake is representation and political clout.

Cain's 9-9-9 Plan A Hard Sell In Anti-Tax N.H.

Herman Cain's tax plan has helped boost him to the top of the Republican presidential field. But talking taxes in New Hampshire — the first state on the primary calendar and one with no sales or income tax — has long been considered taboo.

Bachmann: 'I'm The Tea Party Candidate'

The presidential candidate personally responds to a call for her to drop out, accusing Rick Perry's campaign of a "stealth attack."

Could Gingrich Be Next GOP Challenger To Surge?

One Republican candidate after another has challenged the front-runner status of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Now former House Speaker Newt Gingrich hopes his consistent message will propel him to the front of the pack in this weekend's Des Moines Register poll.