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Democrats Debate: What Is A Progressive And Who Wants To Be One?

The term has also been used to cover certain ideas, attitudes, movements and schools of thought. It has been affixed to leading American politicians, in both major parties, including Teddy Roosevelt.

Barbara Bush Hits The Trail For Son Jeb Bush

Embracing his family's famous name, the Republican presidential candidate makes a campaign stop in New Hampshire with his mother, the former first lady. "He's decent and honest," she says.

The 5th Democratic Debate In 100 Words (And A Video)

It was the first mano-a-mano encounter of the campaign, which means there was enough room for semantic arguments and serious debate.

Heading Into New Hampshire, GOP 'Front-Runners' Are Anything But

Republican establishment choice Jeb Bush was once the candidate to beat. No more: The success of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio in the Iowa caucuses puts new pressure on the party mainstream.
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Technical Problems Cause Maryland To Ditch Voting Machines For April Primary

April's primary election in Maryland features several high-profile races, but the long list of candidates is creating a problem for the state's new voting machines.

Clinton, Sanders To Meet In First Debate Since Close Iowa Caucus

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders meet for a debate Thursday night in New Hampshire. It comes just days after the two were paired in the closest contest in Iowa caucus history.

Donald Trump Steps Up Attacks After Loss To Ted Cruz In Iowa

Two days after his loss in Iowa, presidential hopeful Donald Trump has intensified his criticism of his closest rival Ted Cruz.

Politics Podcast: If Not Iowa, Which State Should Vote First?

If Iowa and New Hampshire weren't the first to vote in the presidential primary, what state should be? NPR digs into demographics to try to find the state most representative of the U.S. as a whole.

Cable TV News Named As Most Helpful Source This Election

A new survey from Pew Research Center finds a high level of engagement in election news. In addition to cable TV, social media and radio are still important sources for many. Print media, not so much.

Meet The Guard Dog Who Keeps The New Hampshire Primary First

Bill Gardner is the longest-serving secretary of state in America. He's also one of the most powerful. He alone can move the primary. Critics call him autocratic; he says he's following the law.