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Candidates Gird For A 'Scorched Earth' Campaign

With both the economy and his own poll numbers weaker than he'd want them to be, President Obama has launched attack ads against Mitt Romney that are unusually blunt for this early stage of a campaign. And Romney has responded with a few roundhouse rights of his own.

Little-Known Lawmaker Upsets GOP's Senate Plans In Nebraska

Republican voters in Nebraska defied the expectations of pundits and the intentions of outside groups, nominating a little-known rancher and state lawmaker to run for an open U.S. Senate seat. Deb Fischer, 61, will face a former governor and former senator, Democrat Bob Kerrey, in November.

Bush Says 'I'm For Mitt Romney,' But He Likely Won't Play Role In Campaign

As an elevator's doors closed, former President George W. Bush confirmed the obvious. But Romney's campaign doesn't see Bush playing an important role in the 2012 campaign.

'Joe The Plumber' Race A 'Microcosm' Of 2012 Politics

The conservative known for his role in the 2008 presidential election is taking on a veteran Democrat in a new Ohio district. An analyst calls the race a microcosm of "the culture wars that are going on in the country right now." Most of the candidates' funding is coming from outside the state.

Coming To A Political Campaign Near You: Outside Money, And Lots Of It

Congressional candidates are increasingly raising money from supporters and groups who are ideological and outside their district — leaving some to say local voters and local issues are playing second fiddle to these donors' ideologies.

Court Action May Lift Anonymity For Some Campaign Donors

As of now, nonprofit groups that want to run campaign ads within two months of the general election will have to reveal the names of their donors. That's because a federal appeals court refused to stay a lower court's ruling on the matter. A full appeal could be heard this fall.