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Ron Paul Captures 2nd Place In N.H. Primary

As expected, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary. Texas Rep. Ron Paul clinched second place — ahead of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. Paul told a crowd of supporters that he was nibbling at the heels of the front-runner.

GOP Rivals Want To Stop Romney's Momentum

While the Romney campaign was celebrating, his rivals were contemplating. After wins in New Hampshire and Iowa, stopping Romney's march to the nomination has become much harder. Still, Tuesday's results in New Hampshire mean different things to different candidates. For Ron Paul, second place is validation that his message is attracting new voters and young people. But for others, the primary raised basic questions of viability.

Romney Celebrates Double-Digit N.H. Victory

The campaign has built the infrastructure and raised the money to go the distance through one primary state after another if that's what it takes. But the campaign would rather save its resources for the general election fight that's just months away.

Romney Enters Danger Zone In Weeks Ahead

Mitt Romney came away from the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary with a comfortable win, and an uncomfortable reality. His chief detractor, who has launched a savage campaign to undermine Romney's successful-businessman-makes-best-president narrative, is just getting warmed up.

TV News Shows Saw Romney Victory Coming, But Couldn't Quite Say It

The political press felt confident — dead certain, actually — that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney would win the New Hampshire primary by a comfortable margin. Most polls closed state-wide by 7 p.m. — but as a smattering would not close until 8 p.m., no one reported the final verdicts.

Doug Wead Discusses Ron Paul

Melissa Block talks to Doug Wead, a Ron Paul campaign adviser and presidential historian.