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Romney's Hard Line On U.S. Auto Industry Good For Primary But Trouble Beyond

In a state so auto-industry dependent, it would seem dubious to call for GM and Chrysler to go through the regular bankruptcy process with all their uncertainties and pain. Experts inside and outside the industry at the time and since said bankruptcies would have meant millions of jobs lost. But Romney's position could appeal to many Michigan conservatives who opposed the bailouts.

Can Congress Ever Restore Payroll Taxes To Their Usual Levels?

What was once considered a normal rate will now be considered a tax hike. Reverting to the status quo is now politically dicey. That could affect Social Security's financing over the long haul.

Rick Santorum Faces Off With Occupy Movement At Campaign Event

The Republican presidential candidate said the movement represents "true intolerance."

Study: 1.8 Million Dead People Still Registered To Vote

A new report finds that about one in eight U.S. voter registrations are invalid or inaccurate. While there are few documented cases of voter fraud, the study finds that cooperation among states could improve the accuracy of voter registration lists nationwide.

What Would The GOP Candidates Do With The Federal Budget? A Look At Their Plans

It goes without saying that the men who are vying for the Republican presidential nomination found serious flaws with the budget plan President Obama released Monday. But it got us thinking: This might also be a good time to dig into the budget plans offered by the GOP candidates who want his job.