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It's All Politics, April 5, 2012

Mitt Romney's sweep in Tuesday's GOP primaries essentially signals the beginning of the general election campaign. President Obama joins the fray, attacking Romney by name; Romney returns the favor a day later. Paul Ryan draws attention from the president as well as those speculating on the GOP ticket.

Obama Is The Best And The Worst President. Discuss

Could it be that President Obama is at once the best and the worst president? Is it perhaps possible that because the world is such a complicated mass of contradictions, we — as a nation — are forced to balance two completely opposing notions of a president at once?

Ahead Of Pa. Primary, Romney Focuses On The Fall

Mitt Romney has been campaigning in former Sen. Rick Santorum's home state, but says he's trying to win fans for the general election, not for the state's April 24 primary. "I think people expect the senator to win his home state. But I hope to pick up a lot of delegates," Romney said.

South Carolina Gov. Haley: Ann Romney Is Mitt's 'Golden Ticket'

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has some unsolicited advice for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on appealing to female voters. "The golden ticket that people need to see and see more of is Ann Romney," Haley said during an interview with NPR.

Obama's Signing Of JOBS Act Likely Won't Dim GOP Charge He's Anti-Jobs

President Obama's signing of the JOBS Act gives him one more talking point with which to try and blunt the GOP's election-year charges that he's been bad for jobs. And those charges are unlikely to be diminished by his signing legislation for which Republicans claim credit.

Conservative Leaders, Santorum Meet, Discuss How To Keep The Fight Going

Rick Santorum met privately with a group of conservative leaders on Thursday to discuss the road ahead for Santorum's Republican presidential campaign. The meeting came as polls tighten in Santorum's home state of Pennsylvania, which holds its primary on April 24.